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Life Coach Radio Networks, comprised of Life Coach Radio Network (LCRN) and the Life Coach Chat Channel (LCCC), is the brainchild of Founder/CEO Russ Terry.  He brought together more than 100 Life Coaches from around the world to share their wisdom, expertise and professional coaching techniques with you for Free!  The shows air daily and are on various topics people are struggling with such as Relationships, Careers, Finance, Personal Development and more.

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The Life Coach Radio Networks share current coaching techniques that are working with clients in 2015. The hosts speak clearly and are dynamic thinking coaches, from whom you will benefit immediately, listening from wherever you happen to be. LCRNs is effective distance learning. Full recommendation with honors, from me.
— Sam Clark DiBrell, LCRNs Listener, Houston, TX

Our Team

Russ Terry, Founder/CEO of Life Coach Radio Networks   

Russ Terry, Founder/CEO of Life Coach Radio Networks


RUSS TERRY, founder/ceo

Russ is a seasoned Coach who has worked with 250 individual and/or corporate clients, including Microsoft, Google, United Airlines, L’Oreal and PwC, plus emerging leaders in MBA Programs at Cornell University and New York University. Russ hones his Leadership skills as Founder/CEO of Life Coach Radio Networks. Since launching in 2013, this podcast network has featured more than 120 coach hosts from all over the world. 


When he is not coaching or growing the radio networks, Russ is writing a series of books on Gratitude. His first book – My Gratitude Journal – came out in 2014 and the sequel - Our Gratitude Mission - was published in 2016. Two more gratitude books are planned for the next 12-24 months. Prior to becoming a Coach, Russ had a diversity of other careers: 4.5 years as a CPA, 5.5 years as a TV Anchor & Reporter and 8 years in Human Resources.

Trina Ramsey, Executive Producer, Special Projects

Trina Ramsey, Executive Producer, Special Projects

Trina Ramsey, Executive ProduceR, Special projects

Co-Executive Producer, Trina Ramsey is passionate about personal transformation and the power of believing in oneself. As the founder of Perspectives Plus Coaching, Trina works with her clients to embrace 'what's next' and design a future that embraces their authentic selves. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina is a "people person" and a change agent. Trina also hosts Career Talk with Coach Trina, where she has reached over 8,000 listeners since 2014. For more on Trina visit

Trina is also proud to be a “Pink Warrior”.  She is passionate about breast cancer awareness. Like many of us, she has good friends and family who have been affected by breast and other cancers. Each year, she and her team, the Bosom Angels lace up for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, a two-day, 39 mile trek to raise funds for prevention, research and treatment. Her team has raised over 50,000 for the cure in the past 7 years.

Michell C. Clark, Executive Online Producer

Michell C. Clark, Executive Online Producer



Michell is a Washington, D.C.-based social entrepreneur, cultural curator, and content creator. He exercises the privilege of sharing my gifts with millennials looking to grow their brands, businesses, and overall public image. As the Executive Online Producer for Life Coach Radio Network, he is responsible for maintaining and developing Life Coach Radio Network's website.

When he's not executing digital campaigns, writing about his entrepreneurial journey, or 

For a more broad view of what Michell does, feel free to visit his personal website.