The Voice Of The Adoptee Is Here To Be Of Service To You!

If you are here, I am believing that your heart has been touched by adoption in some way.  There are between 6 and 7 million adult adoptees in America. That equates to 12-14 million adoptive and birth parents!  Not to exclude the 24-28 million grandparents and countless siblings!  Staggering statistics!  

Many in the triad are hurting due to post-adoption issues. The secrets, silence, and separation that countless adoptees have experienced due to a lack of understanding and disconnection with those that love them the most, have taken their voice away. We at The Voice of the Adoptee strive to provide a place of hope and healing for adoptees and their families! We educate, empower, and equip you to fully embrace the Coaching processes and realize the family life you have dreamed about!

The Coaching model is an effective, and creative way to identify, and find the lost pieces of the story. Working with me a Professional  Certified Coach has the potential to bring and see to completion a beautiful Tapestry , and a Legacy of Love for future generations!

Is it time for you to learn how to walk through the adoption journey with confidence and wholeness?  Are you sick of bumping up against unanswerable questions?  While there is not a magic pill or secret button to this process. I have created a successful Coaching program that is proven to find the missing threads in the Tapestry of your adoption story! It is a team effort.  My commitment to you that if you are willing to do what it takes to create a Legacy of Love in your family I will stand shoulder to shoulder with you until your tapestry is complete!

For many, within the beautiful Tapestry of Adoption, there has been a forgotten or lost thread.  A disconnect, a strong awareness that something has been missing. That missing thread can cause holes, unraveling, and often times confusion within the heart and mind of those touched by Adoption.  We believe that lost or forgotten thread  is the "Adoptees Voice", The Adoptees Voice is one of beauty and mystery.  Have you been listening? 

Ignite Your Sense of Purpose!

LeAnne Parsons

LeAnne Parsons

LeAnne Parsons is The Walk Your Talk Coach, as well as the CEO of La Dolce Vita Coaching.  As a Certified Life Empowerment Coach, LeAnne has a desire to stand shoulder to shoulder with you as you boldly let go of all the obstacles that hold you back from fully embracing the life you were created to live.