How Will You Step In Life?

Have you ever compared how children & adults walk?

I have…children are great to look at for inspiration.  When kids walk, they tend to have a slight bounce in their stride.  It’s quite interesting to watch because their heads bop up and down and their hair will swing from side to side.  It’s much more entertaining to watch a child walk than most adults.  They are completely oblivious to the negatives in life and look at everything with complete innocence and curiosity.   This is why when they walk from point A to point B, their stride has a natural bounce to it. They approach places, people, & things with content and non-judgment.  They’re present and focused on what’s in front of them. Their fearlessness allows them to take advantage of the opportunities presented. 


They learn from their mistakes and don’t look back…they are constantly evolving.  They are unique, charismatic and their energy is contagious.  Kids see life an adventure… a game... and no one wants to skip out on some fun. 

“In order to make anything a reality, you have to dream about it first.” - Adora Svitak

In my adult years, I’ve met two different kinds of people, no matter what profession I was in.  Individuals with bounce in their stride and individuals with nobounce.  What I’ve noticed is the people that bounce from point to point are energized by what life throws at them.  They are highly successful, charismatic individuals and they’re energy is contagious.  They are naturally curious and see the opportunity in everything.  They view the events in life as a game and they want to play.  They tackle each obstacle with confidence and appreciate the opportunity to learn from it.  They have an incredible ability to focus on the present moment and enjoy the evolution process.  They are fearless and have achieved success in all areas of their life.  During life’s ups and downs, they’re buoyancy allows them to bounce back up.

Like children, they face every obstacle with CURIOSITY, make decisions with CLARITY, take each step with ENERGY and, most importantly, BOUNCEthrough it all.  

Only you have the unique opportunity to set the tone of how you will get from point A to point B.  Will you tiptoe, stumble, stomp or bounce in life?