Build Your Tribe

Some of us insist on going through life all alone? Why?

Many women today find themselves tackling their life’s goals on their own. There was a time in history when women weren’t stuck in the loner role. They depended on other women in their communities to help them accomplish tasks like spiritual growth, emotional support, even child rearing. As a result, we are conditioned to seek out support from people closest to us: family, friends, or colleagues. But let’s be honest, we may not necessarily want to take advice for our goals, relationships, finances or personal issues from family or friends. A good question to ask yourself is: “Do they really have the same goals I want?” Most likely the answer oftentimes is: “No.” To be really truthful, wouldn’t you rather hear how a total stranger in a similar position took things on?

From my own life experience, and from what has worked for me, I recommend finding personal growth opportunities with other like-minded women to help you grow in your personal and professional life outside of family and friends. Take ownership and actively seek women who have what you want. You need women who will support you and stretch your personal growth beyond your current limitations. Your goal should be to be part of a group(s) that fosters genuine relationships, growth, and trust. If there isn’t one in your area, create one; I can guarantee you there are other women just like you in need of support.

Here’s my own personal growth tribe-building example: I have three people in my community that help me stay optimal.  I have my master coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer.   I consciously made a decision to bring three key individuals who value, honor, and enrich my three centers: Head, Heart, and Body.  My master coach guides me through my head and heart centers; keeping me aware and present onto what I am thinking (head) and feeling (heart).  She supports me by keeping my mind at ease during challenging times.  Not only that, she helps me address and process the emotions I may be experiencing without internalizing it or worse, letting my inner critic take over.  My nutritionist and trainer assist me in balancing my third-center: The body, these two incredible individuals help me stay healthy, energized, and engaged by focusing on my physical-being from the inside out.  Our conversations consist of how to accomplish optimal living for my personal and professional goals and values. Believe me – with all that I want to accomplish – this tribe has become a life-saver for me.

What’s the most important take-away from all this? You don’t need to continually run the rat-race of life on your own. There are plenty of women who are happy to help you build your community that is a foundation for a healthy, happy, and optimal life. We all have the potential to grow and accomplish tremendously. It’ll open you up to a life of possibilities you wouldn’t have been able to realize as a loner!

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Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Veronica Taylor, CPC, ( is a Leadership Coach & the founder of Life Leaders Coaching. She has designed a 3-step coaching process: Discover, Grow, & Sustain to ensure long-term success in all aspects of her clients life.