In our microwave society, we’re all looking for the instant success, instant promotion, instant end results of the work and sacrifice we've put into making progress towards a goal, lifestyle, or intention that we've set for ourselves. When the success doesn't show up in our time, we stop and say to ourselves or others,  “See, I told you it wasn't worth wishing for, reaching  for, or even dreaming for!!” We get frustrated that this thing that we said we want doesn't happen. When we’re not focused on the necessary small steps that keep us moving toward the big goal, it’s real easy to stop in your tracks, change direction or even give up.

What I know for sure is when you’re looking to make a significant change in direction IT TAKES TIME. No quick gimmick or shortcut will get you there. Anyone who wants to eat fresh vegetables from their back yard knows that it's in the early Spring when you must plant your  the right  kind of soil... in the right temperature...  with the right amount of water and sunlight. So too must we plant our seeds, cultivate and nurture plans for our lives. Straight up hard work, positive thoughts, positive words, positive people, positive stretching in places where you’re uncomfortable… consistently over a period of UNDEFINED TIME. Keep reaching until you get there. Keep working on Blind faith. Faith that all the work you’re doing is going to get you to places that you've dreamed and believed. I promise you, the journey will be like something you've never seen before!

If this is where you find yourself today, you’re in the right place to receive this message. If you’re ready to speak your future into existence, repeat after me:

This is my season for Grace for Favor
This is my season to reap what I have sown
This is my season for Grace for Favor
This is my season to reap what I have sown
I haven't been perfect but I've sure been faithful
God's got a purpose and I know He's able
I've got a seed in the ground that is blessing no more stressing
I've got a seed in the ground now I'm knowing and I’m showing
Everything is working... together... for my good!
Everything is working… together… for my good!
This is my season for GRACE and FAVOR..

Click HERE to listen to the song live! It will bless you today!

Inasmuch as we have detractors in our lives, it’s also important to keep your support group close to you to remind you of these things as well. Your support will come from places you've never expected but it’s there waiting to remind you and to bless you with their brilliance… Thank you Monique... You've done wonders for me this year, keeping me grounded and focused. Reminding me that all things were working together for my good! #PRICELESS! #GRATEFUL!

No matter what your circumstance says… it’s already getting better!

Do you dare continue to work, knowing your blessing is on the way?