What Do You Do When Your "Train" Goes Off The Track?

Have you seen that movie? It was the real life story of two unexpected colleagues who are on this runaway train that is destined to crash into the middle of a small town near Pittsburgh, PA. Throughout the entire movie, there was one suspense-filled moment after the next, and each development has you on the edge of your seat… Each minute builds upon the next, different situations play into the twists and turns of the plot… and no matter what, Denzel (Washington) and his co-star do some pretty unbelievably heroic work to get that train to stop on a dime just before disaster strikes.

Well, that movie is a metaphor for my life right now, believe it or not. UNSTOPPABLE is the word that chose me this year and one that I’m holding onto like a security blanket, living out every highly anticipated, unexpected twist and turn. I am currently dealing with the disappointment of not getting a role that I wanted... badly! When I think about this word and what it means to me, it's a reminder to get back in the game and hold on, 'cause it's not over yet! This is a necessary scene in the story of my life... one that contributes to the real meaning of why I am here and who I am yet to become. It's a reminder that no matter what happens, this year and beyond, I AM UNSTOPPABLE!

What’s the name of your life’s current journey? What word continues to come to you that you can focus on to bring about the best that life can offer you in this moment?

Will you embrace it, bringing the laser focus that’s needed to help it unfold into the happy ending that you’re hoping for? Once your word finds you and you acknowledge it… what changes do you need to make in your everyday life to bring that THOUGHT into ACTION?

What will bring you to the edge of your life’s seat?

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