How do you perceive things?

"In need of some inspiration?  Is it ever hard to pull yourself out of a slump? Do you find it hard to move forward? Sometimes having someone walk with you during a hard time makes all the difference! You're valuable and worthy! Spend time for you!  Visit so that Peace and Joy can be Yours".

"Corinthians 4:1 "Thus should one regard us as servants of Christ"  What does this look like? If we are to serve Christ and Christ lives in all of us, then doesn't this mean we serve one another?  We are to help those in need of comfort, need of a prayer, need of acceptance, etc.  We are to be there for one another in times of need and desperation.  This might mean we move out our comfort zone, be in a time of inconvenience because it doesn't fit into our schedule, or going above and beyond the usual efforts with a joyful and loving heart.  We will let the love we are filled with pervade to those around us.  What then, does service to Christ look like to you?"

"How often do I know to turn to my Friend, my Lord?   Our lives can be difficult, busy, and hectic.  In our human nature, we can easily become swayed by our challenges rather than remembering to look unto Him for encouragement, strength, wisdom, acceptance, and love.  It is in Him, through Him, and by Him that we are restored to who we were originally meant to be in order to live in abundance.  Only from Him can we be strengthened; by His Goodness, we are healed.  For more information on how to live in abundance, visit  and look at life with a fresh set of eyes."

"Can you see who is hidden in this image, yet still very present?  Often it's hard for us to see Jesus in our midst, yet alone feel Him working in our lives.  Don't forget that when you're looking through the beauty and weeds of life, know that your Friend is always there loving you!"

"Saying goodnight means saying it is okay to let go of all the things from the day that held you back, didn't work in your favor, that turned out to be mistakes, things you should have done, from prayers unsaid, smiles not shared, and judgements of yourself.  It is time to rest your mind, body, and spirit.  It is time to capture the freedom and peace you desire. Say goodnight for now and be hopeful for another chance to try again tomorrow- you are more than worth it!"

"'Today is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!'  Today is a fresh start to try again.  Each struggle or hardship is an opportunity to respond to life how we choose-to decide how we want to "show up!"  Let us rejoice that we continually have a chance to start fresh!  What will you do with today?"