My Word for 2016

As a society we seem to have turned away from New Year’s resolutions and turned toward a single word to sum up our intentions for the clean slate of a new year. A Word which could and would bring us back to center in moments of uncertainty, moments when a decision mandates we consider the bigger picture of our why and how.

As I embraced the search for my own why and how I paused to take a look deep inside, to see what was important to me. Really, I was searching for a word that summed up my goals and aspirations – but what are they? Some aspirations like prioritizing my marriage, regaining a higher level of fitness and shedding the final forty pounds of baby weight have been with me for a while. Other goals like ignoring comparisons to other mothers are newer, but no less compelling. These goals required a word that was action oriented and contemplative.  A word that wouldn’t shrink under the sheer volume and momentum of a mompreneur’s to do list.

I’m not entirely sure if I found my word or my word found me. Either way it is concise, compact and oddly liberating.

My word for 2016 is Me.

That’s Me with a deliberately capitalized M – the Me of my higher, enlightened Self.

What does Me mean? It means a year of radical self-love and radical self-care, which ensures I show up as the best version of Me possible.

Me: connecting deliberately with my husband. Sharing my joy, my strength, my passion and my compassion.

Me: connecting consciously with my child.  Focusing when we are together kicking the ‘must multitask’ monkey mind to the curb and reveling in the joy of raising a competent, independent thinker.

Me: shrugging off unsolicited advice and comparisons. I’m the Wife, Mother and Woman I’m meant to be. I am enough as I am and I chose to grow stronger and more fearless each day.

Me: eating healthy foods 85-90% of the time. Me and My Family are worth the time and cost associated with proper, healthy meals, nutritious foods and luscious desserts. Oh and drinking more water because I’m worth the potty break time-outs.

Me: Running. Lifting. Coming back to my badass self who could once out lift every other chick in the gym.

Me: Splurging on new running shoes, seamless socks and a weekly yoga class.

Me: growing into my professional role. Working during office hours with clients and on programs that bring passion, purpose and empowerment.

Me: caring about those who care about me. Friendship is built on trust, loyalty and laughter.

Me: laughing long and loud with those friends I value who force me to level up my game.

That’s Me for 2016. What’s your word?

Jennifer Bellber is a Certified Professional Life Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. She's a wife, mother of a toddler, sometimes blogger, photographer for fun and charitable causes, slow runner and weight lifting enthusiast who reduced her physical self by 120 pounds a few years ago. 

Jennifer's passion is helping overwhelmed parents figure out who they want to be when their kids grow up, ditch the Mommy Guilt (or Daddy Guilt as the case may be) and live a connected, empowered, wickedly amazing sexy life of their own design.

To learn more about Jennifer, visit:


International Youth Development


Rod's client was a 21 year man who lived in Tirana, Albania. He had completed high school three years prior but locked into a low wage, low expectation job. He wanted to change his life and get a career as well as discover what was ‘outside’ Albania.

He felt great pressure from his family to do better. He was frustrated by the apparent impossibility to change his destiny and his frustration with life in his city.


Rod's objectives were to empower his client to identify what his passions were. To reconnect him with those passions and help empower him to find avenues that would open the doors for him to start the changes. Ideally, to get him to believe in himself as well as see himself on a firm career tract.


Rod initially identified some of his client’s key strengths, which included good spoken English and the ability to benefit from a university education.

Rod tailored six NLP based coaching sessions specifically to his client’s needs. This included a 'personal breakthrough' session to increase his client’s confidence and a session to help him understand what was really important to him both in work and life generally.

He then coached him to improve his chances of getting accepted at both college and university and how to really benefit from the opportunity this would offer. After his client won a scholarship for a first year at college, he provided a program of Skype and email support.


The impact on his client’s motivation and skills was immediate resulting in winning his scholarship. After completing his first year in college, his client left for Tetovo, Turkey where he had been accepted to a university. He was living on his own at college in a foreign country and thriving on the challenge.

And so?

Eighteen months later his client worked at a major international tourist resort hotel in Turkey for a summer season and earned more in those few months than in the previous 18 months. In addition, he has now been accepted into their management training program. He has discovered himself and has provided for his family as well as himself.

For more than 30 years, Rod Beau has been an internationally sought-after education and management consultant and keynote speaker. His practical, real-world business experience and career have been in educational leadership, relocation consulting and executive and leadership coaching. As a Senior Consultant and Master Executive Coach, Rod is also an Accredited ANLP Trainer - specializing in Executive and Leadership Coaching. To learn more about Rod Beau, please visit


Build Your Tribe

Some of us insist on going through life all alone? Why?

Many women today find themselves tackling their life’s goals on their own. There was a time in history when women weren’t stuck in the loner role. They depended on other women in their communities to help them accomplish tasks like spiritual growth, emotional support, even child rearing. As a result, we are conditioned to seek out support from people closest to us: family, friends, or colleagues. But let’s be honest, we may not necessarily want to take advice for our goals, relationships, finances or personal issues from family or friends. A good question to ask yourself is: “Do they really have the same goals I want?” Most likely the answer oftentimes is: “No.” To be really truthful, wouldn’t you rather hear how a total stranger in a similar position took things on?

From my own life experience, and from what has worked for me, I recommend finding personal growth opportunities with other like-minded women to help you grow in your personal and professional life outside of family and friends. Take ownership and actively seek women who have what you want. You need women who will support you and stretch your personal growth beyond your current limitations. Your goal should be to be part of a group(s) that fosters genuine relationships, growth, and trust. If there isn’t one in your area, create one; I can guarantee you there are other women just like you in need of support.

Here’s my own personal growth tribe-building example: I have three people in my community that help me stay optimal.  I have my master coach, nutritionist, and personal trainer.   I consciously made a decision to bring three key individuals who value, honor, and enrich my three centers: Head, Heart, and Body.  My master coach guides me through my head and heart centers; keeping me aware and present onto what I am thinking (head) and feeling (heart).  She supports me by keeping my mind at ease during challenging times.  Not only that, she helps me address and process the emotions I may be experiencing without internalizing it or worse, letting my inner critic take over.  My nutritionist and trainer assist me in balancing my third-center: The body, these two incredible individuals help me stay healthy, energized, and engaged by focusing on my physical-being from the inside out.  Our conversations consist of how to accomplish optimal living for my personal and professional goals and values. Believe me – with all that I want to accomplish – this tribe has become a life-saver for me.

What’s the most important take-away from all this? You don’t need to continually run the rat-race of life on your own. There are plenty of women who are happy to help you build your community that is a foundation for a healthy, happy, and optimal life. We all have the potential to grow and accomplish tremendously. It’ll open you up to a life of possibilities you wouldn’t have been able to realize as a loner!

Are you interested in learning more about how to Build Your Tribe? Listen to my show at Blog Talk Radio by clicking on the link below!

Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Veronica Taylor, CPC, ( is a Leadership Coach & the founder of Life Leaders Coaching. She has designed a 3-step coaching process: Discover, Grow, & Sustain to ensure long-term success in all aspects of her clients life.

How Kids Can De-Stress Before A Test

Does your child leave home well-prepared for a test but still returns with a poor grade?  He may have studied for several days making sure he knows the content, but once it gets closer to the test day, the anxiety sets in.  He starts to worry, looses sleep and dreads going to school. 

Stress is common among many children when it comes to test taking.  When children are under stress it inhibits their ability to concentrate and focus.  Think of stress as a powerful guest of wind and you’re using all of your energy to make sure it doesn’t blow you away.  You’re unable to concentrate on anything else because the wind consumes all your energy and attention.  Stress was designed to be powerful and for good reason.  The right amounts of stress helps athletes train and perform well; it can pump us up for a great performance.  But when stress takes over your child’s ability to be attentive, his ability to evaluate, judge and make decisions is negatively affected. 

One great way to help relieve test anxiety and improve performance is to write.  Anxious students who wrote about their fears right before taking a test outperformed anxious students who did nothing at all.   According to a University of Chicago study, by writing down the negative emotions a child is experiencing, it frees up a part of the brain known as working memory.  This area of the brain stores relevant information needed to perform a task.  By clearing the stress clutter, it allows kids more power to focus and ace that test.  So, by simply allowing a child a few minutes to write about their fears and worries over taking a test was key to improved test performance among anxious students.

The next time you see your child leave for school stressed, consider asking his teacher to allow 10 minutes of journaling before a test.  She’ll most likely she improved test scores throughout the entire class.  Consider it a win-win for everyone.

For more tips on how to handle stress and anxiety associated with back to school, please join co-hosts Debbie Gockman ( and Bobbi Anderson (  On Friday, September 13th at 8 PM/EST on Life Coach Chat Channel.