Prevent Cancer With Food

Did you know that half of all Americans will eventually be diagnosed with cancer at some point in their lives? HALF.

That means, it's a flip of the coin whether or not you'll be one of them. That is, if you're not one of the Americans who first goes down with a heart attack - which happens around twice every minute of every day.

Too many of us are complacent about those odds, believing not much can be done to change what we collectively believe is an inevitable fact of American life. Cancer, we're told, is random, it's genetic, and sooner or later, it's going to get us.

But the truth is, a cancer diagnosis doesn't have to be a 50/50 proposition. In fact, what if you could up the odds to nearly 100% - a 100% chance you WON'T end up with cancer?

Modern medicine has been claiming for years that a cure is around the corner. But the best cure I’ve found is prevention. And prevention requires looking at the toxins in our environment, and mitigating their effects.

Instead of embracing pink ribbons and joining the 'race for the cure', perhaps we'd all be better served by a race to stop cancer in its tracks before it has a chance to grab hold of us.

Certainly, much of the cancer we see is due to environmental toxins and hazards that are difficult to combat, depending on where we've lived and worked. But the majority of cancers we see developing are heavily influenced by lifestyle choices, such as smoking and, yes, especially diet.

It might seem at first glance that it's not possible. But consider the standard American diet: lots of meat, dairy and animal products, high in starches and oils and sugar, massive amounts of processed foods and artificial ingredients, and very few fresh vegetables, fruits, and legumes. With a diet like this, it's very hard for the body to get the optimal nutrition it needs to stay well.  Of course, this includes making conditions ripe for cancer to develop.

Preventing cancer requires increasing the beneficial antioxidants and phytochemicals and cutting down or completely eliminating the toxins. To really protect yourself, the steps below are simple and easy.

  • Drink lots of clean, pure water to flush toxins from the body.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits, especially raw and organic berries(to ensure they've not been treated with pesticides and chemicals)
  • Eat cruciferous veggies, cabbage, kale, garlic, onions, and mushrooms- evidence is growing to suggest that these vegetables have powerful anti-cancer properties. Eat green veggies 3 times a day!
  • Incorporate into your busy schedule a good nights sleep, to assist the body in releasing toxins.
  • Drastically cut down your consumption of rBGH meats and dairy, and refined flours and sugar.  Completely eliminate processed meats, fast foods, gluten products, and all other foods void of nutrition.
  • Avoid toxic cleaning chemicals, dryer sheets, detergents, soaps, candles, floor cleaners, air fresheners, toxic candles and more in your home.
  • Avoid all Hand Sanitizers!

So, sure... we can race for the cure all we want. But if we put more effort into a push for prevention, there wouldn't be so much of a need for a cure.

Some of the most serious health problems of our time,  are endocrine and metabolic related.  As a Certified Holistic Health Coach, I specialize in toxins that can disrupt our metabolic and endocrine health.

Besides advocating health, Health Coaches support their clients in learning those necessary “bite size pieces” for growth & change.  If I were to teach one thing about food -I would choose “food is a masterpiece full of necessary information for our cells. “ It’s Art-because it unites all cells to work together on one canvas.  You!   It’s time to add color to your plate while adding prevention to your vocabulary.


Connie Rogers is an Expert in toxins that can disrupt our skin, metabolic and endocrine health. Lifestyle Educator, Reiki Master, 37 years Certified Cosmetologist/Esthetician, Certified Integrated Holistic Health Coach, Accredited through American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Published Author, Wellness Writer, Owner Reverseage Wellness Essential Oils

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How Can We Just Be?

Do you find yourself spending a lifetime of just doing,

or wishing you could rewind the tape? 

You look around and wonder where did the time go, or what else is there? 

I believe we can reinvent ourselves if we spend some quality time with being..

Were you told as a child if you want to be, then you just do?  We want to be thinner, happier, have it all and all pain free, yet do we ever address what are we doing along the journey to get there?  Staying in the “comfort zone” can be considered a “blind zone”  and even when it doesn’t serve many people, we seem to “just stay there”.

From a mothers point of view, we have opportunities and reasons “why” we do the things the way we do.  Sometimes it dates back to how our parents did it.  If we don’t find these habits serve us any more, Quit.  Yes, we can quit habits that don’t bring out the best in us.  Intelligence tells us if we feel bad when we eat something rotten, don’t eat it!   As with any new muscle formation, our “quitting muscle” means we can venture out with “new ways of being”.

When we concentrate on "being" who we truly are, we find joy.   If we can concentrate on being vs. doing, we can actually improve our health, save time and have less stress in our lives.  


We are busy, tired, wired and stressed. What is keeping us awake at night and sleepy during the day?  If we eat for energy instead of comfort, we can achieve this delicate balance.   Most comfort foods are processed foods and “processed foods are electrically distorted foods.” (1)

Imbalances always begin with the decline of electrical integrity within the body, leaving one with chronic congestion and inflammation.  Deep within our subconscious soul, our body hears everything we think and say.   Because the body increases production of the adrenal hormones when under stress, this can be linked to nutritional deficiencies.  “Every cell in our body has a positive and negative electrical charge.”  A healthy body is made up of trillions of cells in a continual delicate balance of plus and minus energies.  When we pollute our inner environment it strips our electrical charges, and we fall out of balance.

All matter is energy.  All energy is in constant motion.  Even when we sleep our heart pumps and our body detoxes automatically.  Fully awake we have to ask the question:  Are we full of vibrant energy and life or are we “just doing” what it takes to get by?


Have you thought while watching some nightly TV show:  “What if all life was a drug for this “dis ease” or a punishment for that “lawbreaker?”  Society tends to put “labels” on “things.”

Explore a life without labels.  In the beginning we were love and light, and if we remove our blinders, we’ll discover that, we still are!  Rather than labeling things, or people, a far more grounded, healthier energy is found in quieting out the noise, and finding that place of awareness.   It can be intuitive if we take a moment to “listen.” 


A fascinating habit, so many of us do, when we meet new people is to ask:   “So, what do you do?”  What they do, often has little to do with who they are.  Right?   You’ll find out when you listen and discover who they really are.  I know people who say they would like a more fulfilling relationship.  The lesson is in the listening. 

Imagine you’re home with your teenager after school.   His teacher called and said “Your son had a fight in the classroom today.”  Before speaking to your son, ask yourself:  “Can this situation be looked at in a different way that I haven't been considering?”  “Can I stop the stress and give what I see my child needs right at this very moment?”  Listen for the answer.  It’s a wonderfully productive zone to “be in” and a state that also unexpectedly makes you smile, instead of frowning.   A conscience effort put in motion with everything we want to “be.”  ~ Love. 

Can we be the change? 

Here’s a basic reality check:

Do you find yourself worrying or anxious about stuff you’ve got to get done every day?  Do you want to say goodbye to habits that don’t serve you?  What is your time worth?  Maybe it’s time to stop living in the land of “some day I’ll...”   There’s no better time then NOW to remember to have intention to “be the change”.   All change begins in your mind first!  ~ You see, hear, hit replay and feel it.

It’s a choice-To be healthy, To be conscience, To be kind, To be loving.  Become aware that you can choose your foods and thoughts, which in turn can make your life easier and less stressful.  “The power of being in the now is full awareness of our environment.” (2) And remember, any bite size step is a win. 

Most of the time it is easier to stay stuck and /or addicted in our actions and our thoughts.  Procrastination/indecision, fills a life with “unfulfilling matter’ and “regrets” while never giving us the results we want to achieve.  It has been said that if you change your mind about stress, your body actually reacts differently to stress.   If you tell yourself “this is going to be a stress free day” - it will be.

Some mistakes you can avoid:

1-There’s an old saying~Don’t rush the spaghetti sauce.  Making your family number one takes time and patience.

2-”Doing” doesn’t always equal joy.  Find time to relax and “just be”.

3- Munching on chips in front of the TV doesn’t help you to chill and de-stress…it only adds stress.  Learn why digestion is so important. “30 to 40% of the total digestive response to any meal is due to our full awareness of what we’re eating.”(2) 

4- ADD can be mislabeled. Check here for more info:

5-Look at what’s holding you back, but don’t wallow there. 

6-Don’t be afraid to ask for support.  Make a plan to succeed by getting the support you need!


Connie Rogers is a Certified Health Coach and Reiki Master at   A powerful way to support my clients is in  “finding joy by being” and “making the room to make changes”.  Evaluate how your current decisions are affecting you and what they are costing you when you ignore them.


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