Manifesting My Bliss

I did some family constellation work last weekend (thank you Carol Shure). My family has a number of wonderful family stories going back numerous generations.  

It was an individual constellation where the facilitator and I allowed the visiting ancestors and entities to speak through us.  My request was to request that they support in my manifesting my bliss and sharing what I have been given to share.    

Carol’s invocation was lovely including elemental, spirit ancestors of blood line and heart, of plant and animal.  

The first ancestor which came to me was a tree,  there began the story that played out.  I have done much work in my life to release trauma, honoring but not re-experiencing it.  

A pattern with the directions emerged a vessel, created a transmission and release of archetypal wounding flowed through us.  

Ancestors stood behind me, mother’s family to the left, father's to the right, starting with mother's on the left and father's on the right. Such strength from the women and such sweetness from the fathers, then their partners joined them. 

I felt so supported so filled with their strength and purpose, sweetness and mysticism. 

This  a dream fragment from this morning. Feeling pushed by my ancestors, pressure from behind so I felt that I would stumble and fall, I asked them please support me.

The energy shifted from stumbling on my feet to being seated in the air and then their support lifting me so I am gently flying, I woke at peace and happy. 

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A Tale of 3 Funerals

“Life is what happens when you are staring at your smartphone” – author unknown

I am in an introspective mode after returning from the third funeral I attended in less than 90 days: a dear cousin, an uncle, and a good friend’s mother. But don’t worry – this isn’t a sad message. Just a reminder about how precious life is, and what a difference one person can make.

Losing someone is a sad occasion, but since God has other plans for us, so we are only saying goodbye to our loved one’s body. Homegoing services give us an opportunity to say goodbye and pay tribute to our loved one's lives. As I reflected on the lives of these three amazing people, I found some inspiring commonalities. Though none of these people knew one another, and there was no blood relation, they had the following traits in common:

  • They gave love freely and abundantly. I heard story after story of the people who were touched by these three people. In each case there was at least one story of uncommon generosity of spirit, and sharing love the way that God intended us to. They each displayed love not just with their families, but to people in need, who became adopted family.
  • They were strong and vibrant.  They were everyday people - like you and me. They weren’t famous, but they left giant footprints in their communities, and in the lives of their families. 
  • They were positive. Stories abounded about courage and strength in the face of adversity. Being heads of households, they pushed through the tough times and stood strong. My cousin had a huge smile and deep dimples, and we watched a beautiful slide show of pictures with her trademark smile, even when she was ill and we knew she was suffering.
  • They valued family above all. Each person made a gigantic impact in their families – and became role models for many beyond those with blood relations. But through thick and thin, they stood for the people they loved when the going got rough.

What a testimony!  At each service I remembered my own interactions with these people – however brief or long ago. I remember thinking about how they didn’t waste one drop of the spirit, intention and purpose that God sent them here for – and how I’m sure He greeted them each with the words, “Well done.”

I’ve said it often – tomorrow isn’t promised. We have a finite amount of time here on earth. How are YOU using your time? Are you wasting too much time checking your email or playing Candy Crush (she said guiltily)?  

Are you pleased with the direction your life is taking? If not, what can you do to shift gears? Remember, you are much more powerful than you think. Some things we chalk up to bad luck or victim thinking can be rectified if only we would choose to take action. 

Today is the first day of the rest of YOUR life. What does tomorrow hold for you? And more importantly, what will YOU do differently going forward?

Many blessings to you and yours.

Trina Ramsey is a career and life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina is a "people person" and a change agent. Trina started her business, Perspectives Plus Coaching in 2009 after spending 15 years as a nonprofit fundraiser and experience running her own interior decorating business. For more on Trina visit @PerspectivePlus  or


What is Happiness? A Q&A with Russ Terry, Life Coach

Are you happy? It’s a simple question with a not-so-simple answer for every person. While most of us seek to be happy, what defines individual happiness may differ for each person and may depend in some ways on where we are in our lives. Someone can be happy after landing a new job or the birth of a baby, but can one achieve true and lasting happiness? I caught up with certified life coach and fellow (Syracuse University) alum, Russ Terry and asked him if it’s possible to be truly happy.

ECC: Can you briefly describe what a life coach does for those unfamiliar with the profession?

RT: A Life Coach helps people get from functional to optimal or ordinary to extraordinary.  We build confidence, break down fears, ask empowering and open-ended questions and work with people to come up with a plan for what they want to accomplish – and when.  That last part is just as important as the ‘what’.

ECC: As you know “happiness” can be defined in so many different ways and is up to each person to define it for his/herself. What is your personal (or professional) definition of happiness and do you believe it is possible to achieve?

RT: Happiness is not only possible but dare I say guaranteed.  If you decide to be happy, you will be.  Life may not always go as we plan it or would like it to, but we can choose how we respond to it.  In other words, we can dwell on the bad things that do happen or the good things that don’t, or we can instead just enjoy all the great things that do happen.  That’s what I do.  I’m grateful for all that’s wonderful in my life.  So much so that I’m writing a book called “My Gratitude Journal:  365 days of the people & things I’m grateful for and the lessons you can learn from them”.  It will be out in early 2014.

ECC: Do you believe you can achieve happiness if you don’t follow your dreams?

RT: That’s a good question.  Certainly following your dreams makes one much more likely to be happy.  However, for some people, stability is one of their core values.  They are the most happy when they’re safe, financially secure, etc.  For them, the risk of going for their dreams could very well be so stressful that it would cause them to be unhappy.

That said, I think most of us will achieve the most happiness by following our dreams.  One of the coolest parts about doing that is we can achieve higher levels of happiness and joy than we ever thought possible.  I’ve experienced this and it’s incredibly amazing.  I never imagined this life for myself and now I’m living it and loving it.

ECC:  What have you seen among your own clientele in terms of clients seeking help in leading happier lives? Have you seen any trends? And if so, in what area are they most seeking fulfillment in?

RT: The two biggest trends I see these days are that people want more balance in their life, and they want a job they’re passionate about.  (Career is definitely the #1 area people are seeking fulfillment in.)   Because life coaching is a growing profession, more and more people are becoming exposed to the fact that great things really are possible for them.  

ECC: I know one population you focus specifically on is Millennial Men, those in their 20s and early 30s. Do you find that they are generally happier or less happy than older clients? What about Millennial women?

RT: I do think younger men in general are more happy than prior generations.  Middle aged men are less able to make changes in their life because they have a wife, kids, more responsibilities, etc.  This doesn’t mean they can’t but it’s just more complicated; there are other people involved.

One of my niches as a Life Coach is women who finally want to put themselves first.  I’ve worked with many ladies of all ages and it’s common across the board for them to have been in service and done for others (job, boss, husband, kids, aging parent) before themselves.  Most women I work with are ready to change this – regardless of their age.

ECC: What advice would you give a new client who is unhappy with one particular aspect of their life?

RT: Talk to a Life Coach!  Most (including me) will give you a free session.  In that time, chances are you’ll see the benefits of it and want to move forward as a client.

ECC: Thank you for your time and I look forward to reading your new book when it arrives!

Russ Terry  Executive Producer, Life Coach Radio Networks

Russ Terry

Executive Producer, Life Coach Radio Networks

In addition to serving 50 clients in his first 18 months as a Life Coach, Russ Terry is Creator, Executive Producer and Host of the Life Coach Radio Networks (on Blog Talk Radio) and the Life Coach Television Network (on YouTube).  For more on him and to inquire about a session, go to his website ( and/or the site for his fast-growing media empire (