Chchchch...changes...    (cue David Bowie!)

On any given day, week, month or year, changes can astound, overwhelm, and/or, surprise us.  Some change is welcome and some is not.

I hear a lot of people say they don’t like change.  I am hearing their remarks as referring to those changes that upset their routines or thinking. 

I have encountered a number of changes in my life.  I transitioned from my full-time job in order to pursue my dream job of coaching and consulting full time; I’ve moved and lived in about 15 different places in my life; and more recently my front porch fell apart.  With each decision, address change, and removal of a piece of something, other aspect of a new reality needed to be addressed or repaired.  Things are not always as they appear to be and yet we can either plow through or fly free to get where we want to be.

This leads me to the changes that upset our thinking.  We are so closely aligned and committed to our way of thinking that we can hold on for dear life just so we don’t have to think differently about a person or situation.  We like our opinions.  We like how our perception orders our world and our place in it.  It is what we do with new information that can either lead us to new insights or root us deeper in our place.  Each has value.  The challenge is learning to know which to apply and when. 

Back to the porch…Once it was revealed that the sheathing behind the siding was damaged from a water leak I had two choices; 1) was to remove the siding, replace the sheathing (and subsequent insulation) and put it all back together again with all new materials or 2) do nothing knowing that the sheathing was damaged, but not structurally impaired and just cover it up again and make it look nice.  In case you are wondering, I chose the first option!

Changes take us to a decision point.

·         We recognize that things can’t go on like they were before and we have to take steps to move to the next phase of our life or career or,

·         We can become frozen in place.  And well, you know the saying, “Not to decide is to decide.”  We think if we take no action or deny that an action needs to be taken we can bide our time in making a decision.  

Whether you move forward in a conscious way or stand still and do nothing, remember, future changes are already taking shape for another day. 

Tune in to the next show that I am hosting on the Life Coach Chat Channel on Wednesday, August 13th at 1:00 PM titled: Do I or Don’t I: Taking that Leap of Faith Into Something New.

Barbara Hetzel is the Founder of Ridge Top Coaching, a life and leadership-coaching firm that engages leaders and teams in developing and expanding their gifts and talents for the world.  As an accomplished professional in the field of training and organizational development, she has over 25 years of experience helping others discover and embrace their true calling.