Intentional Living

Back in 2012, my husband and I were planning to go on a mission trip to Haiti with our church. They were in the process of prepping us when one of the group leaders looked at me and told me I would need to take my acrylic nails off. I was told jokingly there would be no need for them in Haiti. But it was true, Haiti was no place for someone sporting nail tips.
I didn’t hesitate taking them off, but I began to wonder why I even wore them in the first place. I wondered this because I wore nail tips for 20 years and I hated… I mean dreaded going to get them done. It was a chore. I can’t say I wore them for fashion purposes since my own nails grow long and pretty and every time I had nail tips put on, they would have to cut my nails shorter. Huh…..So why did I faithfully go every 2 weeks and get these nails done, when I 1) Hated it. and 2) Had my own healthy nails? The answer is I was sleepwalking. I was doing things because I had always done them and mindlessly walking through life. My wake up call started with nail tips, but I’m sure you can relate to sleepwalking through the years, letting life live you, while not being intentional in your daily life and purpose. Intentional Living is habit of successful people and this is why my Vision Group has selected it as our 2016 theme. We want to be women who live intentionally, while walking in our purpose.
So what is intentional living you ask? Intentional living is any attempt to live in alignment with your beliefs and values. It’s your alignment of your short term actions with long term vision. This simply means that everything you work on daily and all of your short term actions should be in direct alignment with your long term vision. You are intentionally actionable around what you want and believe. Now here’s the trick…or the lie. We all say we want to be happy. We want to be healthy. We want to travel, etc, etc. However, our day to day actions don’t align with what we say we want. For example, someone may say they want to travel and can’t because they have no money. But they spend thousands of dollars shopping for clothes they don’t need. Or maybe you say you want to be in a house, however you keep living above your means and never actually budget and save to buy this house you want. Or you just can’t find the time to work out, but you spent over 380 hours on FB this year. Doesn’t Line up, right? I could go on, but you get the point. To bring it home personally, when I did the math for those 20 years I was getting those nail tips, I calculated that I had spent over $18,000. Now I was one of those people who said I wanted to travel and take life altering trips, but my habits were not intentional in reaching my goals. I could have bought at least 12 international trips with this money and had some great life experiences!!! Talk about a wake up from sleepwalking and an unintentional life.
So here are a few things to consider when thinking about living an intentional life:

  1. Understand your vision, purpose or calling
  2. Set SMART (Specific Measureable Achievable Results-oriented Time-Based) goals that support your vision
  3. Create actionable daily habits that align with your long term goals
  4. Get rid of the excuses as to why you can’t live out your values and beliefs
  5. Examine your current habits: Either they take you towards your goal or away from them. There is no in between.

Friends, as we enter a new year I hope this post incites you to WAKE UP and live an Intentional LIfe. I hope it provides you the wisdom needed to move towards your goals. And finally, I hope it provides revelation which opens your hearts and minds to living an intentional life…full of purpose…..fully awake and meeting all that you seek and hope for. My humble wish for you….

Many Blessings!

Natasha Gayden is the founder of Elevate! Master Coaching. Natasha brings over 20 years of corporate experience identifying and developing high potential talent within individuals and teams. She as has many years of life experiences and a track record of helping people unstuck in their lives. Natasha specializes in the development of human potential across the personal/professional spectrum of life. She brings to the table significant Coaching, Training, and Consulting experience in the areas of Strategic Planning, insight, leadership skills, executive presence and overall life resiliency.


Tune into Success ~ Tune into Resilience!

Have you ever had a friend or relative who, no matter how many times they fell down, scraped their knee or faced some unexpected hardship, they got back up again with a focused positive attitude.   You know, those people who after a long day they still have a great smile on their face, ready to take on any new challenge that comes their way!  They always seem to see the glass as half full.  When situations occur that get others mad or depressed, they’re energy is bubbly!  Amazing isn’t it?   What planet are they from anyway???

In the proverbial search for the meaning of life, the question is asked over and over again:  What is it that we all want out of life?  Some say it’s success, however if so many are struggling, just to get by, can we even tune into the thought?  “Do I believe I am capable”  Those voices are always standing by, ready to resolve to defeat.

Enter into the picture, a second person who’s extremely quiet and shy.  Someone with very little confidence and a very small circle of friends.  We observe this person socializes with comfort food as a crutch to drown his mood and goes through each day with little direction much less any focused energy on a target or long-term goals. 

Take a few minutes to conjure up in your mind, the image of these two very different people.  You probably know a number of people who fit into the positive achiever mode as well as people go through life with a down, why does this always happen to me, energy.  It’s always fascinating when you meet two people from the same family, who are total opposites. What’s the driving force that drives these two diverse personalities?

The studies of Bruce Lipton, PhD, in “biology of belief” and “the wisdom of our cells” enlighten us to the understanding of our conscious mind and the far more powerful sub-conscious mind which is runs our immune system, nervous system, respiratory, keeps our heart beating, and is the core to our belief system.  We can actually change our DNA with our thoughts.  Lipton’s studies show how our subconscious programming is all established in the first six years of our lives.  Every aspect of our environment establishes our core beliefs.  We grow up nourished, knowing we can do anything our mind sets out to do or we grow up skeptical, always the “devils advocate”.  Dr. Lipton would say this is the sub conscience tuning into all possibilities.  If we weren’t so fortunate to grow up surrounded with a loving energy with support and positive feedback, we can work on re-programming our internal tape to see if we can overcome feelings of self doubt.

A women looses her mother in her teenage years, she is lost, rebelling, and it appears no one seems to understand her.  She is sent away to college to find herself, maybe meet new friends.  With a depressed nature she succumbs to peer pressure, and spirals into a drug addiction.   Was there a resilient foundation in place before her mothers death?

Another women discovers she has cancer, she is told it is a very aggressive cancer and she will have to fight hard for her life.  Without skipping a beat she takes control with ease and a beautiful smile.  It is tiring at times but her friends, (her support system) are by her side.  She discovers she is stronger then she knew herself to be.  She lives.

Two friends are chatting about their diets.  The first one says, “I wish someday I could be healthy and feel great.”  The second one says, “I intend to be healthy and feel great.”

Which one do you think is going to get healthy and feel great?  Yep ~ the one who intends it. 

Can we all have support, positive intentions and beliefs?

Yes we can.  Two keys to intention in business and health is support and action – Taking action no matter who stands in your way, negative nelly or those voices in your head. 

Did you know that you can even set an intention to have a great day?

Rather than diving into your morning and hoping you’ll achieve your day’s big goal, why not take a moment and tune yourself up for success?  You can Have a Great Day… Every Day!

You can start with healthy food choices such as a variety of organic fruits, nuts and veggies.  One can’t have a healthy “in tune brain” without a “healthy gut”.  Can you tune into your gut feelings?

  • Think about your desired outcome. Take a deep breath and visualize yourself succeeding.
  • Replay your success several times in your mind.
  • Next, add other senses, including sounds, smells, taste and touch. All these affect our inner energy. For instance, if you listen to crap radio, that sound can interfere with intention and focus.
  • As you replay your success tape, you now also hear the director offering you the gig, or you feel the physical sensation of your finger hitting the “send” button on your latest assignment.
  • Lastly, replay the scene again, adding emotions.  Feel your elation at getting to your desired weight or your pride at finally finishing your project.

So how can you build your intention muscle? 

  1. Get clear on what you want, what you believe in and what you desire.
  2. Resolve- to find an answer or solution to the roadblocks of your life.
  3. Do something to make your desire happen.
  4. Do you intend to lose weight, eat healthy, and feel fantastic?  Make a plan to tune into success, resilience and health by getting the support you need!
  5. Remember to Nourish-because nourishing thoughts, foods and behavior makes that spoon full of medicine go down much easier. Having a nourishing lifestyle means you can make the choice to have a solid belief system, lean toward a healthy glow, feed your body with organic foods, share a genuine smile, attain peace and serenity.

Along our journey, there will be challenges as the road is never perfect.  The strength and resolve of our belief system, anchored in a total commitment to do what ever it takes, is the difference between reaching our intended goal, or giving up.  What is your intention today?

Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrated Health Coach. She supports her clients on their way to true health. Make a plan to tune into success at

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