Asa Leveaux is fiercely committed to guiding entrepreneurs to achieve result-based transformations. He activates the genius in their minds and in their money. He also trains them to know that they are the answer to someone’s prayer so they can possess an existence that is saturated in possibilities.

If you are looking for a proven expert who can guide you to address what is blocking you from success, to locate where your genius can best be nurtured and how to reside out of the box, you have met the right person. Mr. Leveaux has over a decade of organizational experience working with amazing clients, customers, employees and decision makers while guiding them to achieve remarkable success. His mission and commitments are to take you from your level of bull$#!t and give you the tools and resources that will support you on your journey to blissful success.

Asa Leveaux is the founder of Genius Academy™ which is the largest and most effective accountability practice in the world! He is also the author of the following books:

- "365 Erotic Reasons Why I Love You"

- "Why I Won't Hire Black People"

- "I Am Man Enough: 365 Affirmations for Men"



phone: 855-55-GENIUS

Thank you for empowering me to be amazing because I am! I asked you why I am average, and you made me realize I am far from it. Thank you for your service, and for being an inspiration.
— Felix Rodriguez
Asa Leveaux is truly unique and is one of the most engaging presenters that I have seen. Not only does he know how to interact with his audience of various ages, backgrounds, beliefs, demographics etc., but he truly blows your mind away. He challenges the way you perceive life and helps you open your horizons to understand other views in life. From his involvement with the community to his personal and professional background, Leveaux’s credibility speaks great volume. His qualifications are not only supported through his resume, but he truly follows it up with his actions.
— Louie Tran
WOW!! Just finished a class at the Wonderfully Made Foundation/WMF Homeless Home conducted by the talented and powerful Asa Leveaux. He taught an effective communication class that had the ladies wanting MORE! Did I mention the BLISS circle! WOW! Very grateful for the business professionals that choose to embrace our homeless families! Asa, THANK YOU! GREAT JOB!
— Wonderfully Made Foundation & Homeless Shelter
I have attended multiple events where Asa was featured and he consistently amazes his audience. I was privileged to have Asa as a guest speaker at our College Speaker Series. Like a shot out of a cannon, he instantly captivated our students with his dynamic, thought provoking, and passionate message. Asa compels you to think big while pushing you to activate the genius within.
— Dr. John Parker, President of Brown Mackie College