Born and raised in Newark, NJ Ben Carter is a Life Transformation Coach who lives by the affirmation, “We can all transform our lives one decision at a time. “ Ben studied at the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Prior to acknowledging his passion for coaching and inspiring people to fulfill their own purpose, Ben started his professional career as a Chef, “I had no idea what I was getting into. I loved watching cooking shows so I said why not.” Quickly realizing that he wasn’t necessarily a fan of the long hours and rigorous work schedule, Ben quickly switched gears and engaged in a 15 year career in the IT field.

Currently Ben lives at the Jersey Shore with his family where he juggles his professional career as a Corporate Software Trainer with his flourishing coaching practice. Ben is the founder and CEO of L.I.V.E, LLC (Leap Into Victory Every day). The business came after the unexpected loss of his mother.  During his time of mourning, Ben said that he kept hearing a quote in his head “Turn every challenge into a celebration and every tragedy into a triumph” from there his coaching business was born. Ben received a Computer Science degree from Ocean County Community College and is currently completing his Psychology degree from Southern New Hampshire University (Summer, 2015).

Ben considers himself a student of life and a teacher of the lessons that life has taught him. “I started working when I was about 20 years old, I am 37 now and I have had over 25 jobs. I have always been on a search for purpose and now I have found it. My coaching practice is based on my clients making transformative decisions that will allow them to live their best lives.” Ben uses his life experience as the foundation of his coaching practice. He has a unique way of combining his secular professional career with his deeply spiritual intuition that makes his coaching sessions and speaking engagements “one of a kind.”

One of Ben’s passions is writing and he will be publishing his very first eBook very soon, an impassioned read that will guide the reader through his journey (and maybe even theirs) of “finding the purpose before you find the job so that your identity isn’t wrapped up in your job title.”