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Tim Billiter  DIY for Your Soul

Tim Billiter

DIY for Your Soul

Tim Billiter, a New York City area based Certified Life/Life Purpose Coach, is on a mission to assist people in creating the life of their dreams by helping them understand that they must first build a strong foundation on which to construct that life. He believes that for many, core feelings of inadequacy and unworthiness impede them from creating the life they truly desire. Thus, until they face these limiting beliefs head on, their lives are generally built on shaky ground and long-term success becomes increasingly elusive.

Tim built his philosophy based on his own life experiences, everything from growing up in a less than functional childhood in a small Midwestern town, moving to New York City with no money and no job, severing all ties with his parents, to being homeless. Through entering the Twelve Step world over 20 years ago, he learned that all of these events, and countless others, colored the way he saw life, how he approached every situation he faced and thus every choice he made. And until he was willing to look closely at these core beliefs and challenge those that were holding him back, he simply repeated the same patterns again and again.

Tim’s business, DIY for Your Soul, is based off of the idea that we are each fully capable of creating our dreams by embracing our core being (that some call the soul) instead the whirlwind of negative thoughts that run through many of our heads, and then taking actions based on those inner truths. He chose the DIY model because he believes that each of us is ultimately responsible for the lives we choose to lead. He also understands that most people need guidance and support along the way and this is where coaching comes in to play. He sees his role as a coach to help others develop new thought processes and skills, and more importantly, to show them that much of what they think they lack is, and always was, right inside of them.

Although for some the word “soul” might connote religion or spirituality, Tim’s coaching practice is not based on any specific religious beliefs, spiritual practices or dogma. He believes his philosophy, that we each possess far more power than we’ve likely ever been taught or imagined we have, and that we can tap into that potential and forge our dreams, is applicable to anyone, whatever his or her personal creed.

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