Hi! I am Cathy Achino, founder & president of Courage To Lead. I am an IPEC certified coach who is passionate about leadership and health.

My clients use coaching to increase their awareness of negative thoughts on their health and energy and to create new strategies.  I also offer consulting to help navigate the medical system and health challenges.

I have been a paid advocate for 20 years and helped loved ones including my husband as he battles cancer.  I am familiar with the complexities of medical jargon, difficult staff and mountains of paperwork which are only compounded by fear and painful emotions.  My education, experience and knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of western medicine and alternative care give my clients profoundly useful information while coaching helps reduce the drain of negative thoughts.

I also serve business owners in health related fields.  I help those who are not profitable or feel overwhelmed learn what their own energy levels are and how it causes them to attract a certain type of client and creates challenges throughout their business.  They are re-energized when they realize they can make tremendous differences in their business they think they are “stuck with” and turn everything around so they can do what they love, help others.

WEB: www.courtolead.com

EMAIL: cathy@courtolead.com

PHONE: 810-447-0565