Claudette Chenevert, The Stepmom Coach

Claudette Chenevert, also known as The Stepmom Coach, knows what it is like to be the outsider in a readymade family. It is difficult and challenging. She never dreamed of one day being seen as “The Evil Stepmom.” What made it more difficult for Claudette was that her husband wasn’t on the same page as her when it came to raising their three children. Raising children in a stepfamily can be like playing the game of chess with checker pieces; the boards looks similar but the rules and moves are very different. That is how being in a stepfamily feels like. It is similar to being in a traditional family but the rules are very different.

After seeking professional help from counselors and therapists, Claudette realized that few people understood what the challenges of being a stepmom were like. After many sleepless nights and tired of the constant tug of wars in her home, Claudette decided to dedicate her life’s work at breaking that outdated image of Cinderella’s evil stepmom and reveal what today’s modern stepmom is truly like.

At the age of 35, with three teenagers at home, she returned to school to get her degree in Psychology of Communication at George Mason University.  For Claudette, this was a natural transition in her career having been a hairstylist for almost twenty years, listening to people’s stories about their struggles in their relationships.

She enjoys helping people find the right strategies for their personal lives as well as for building stronger and healthier marriages and families by asking her clients the right questions.  It all starts with knowing what you want in life rather than what you do not want. What kind of relationship are you looking for and what steps are you willing to take to get there?

Claudette is a Master Certified Professional Coach with The Stepfamily Foundation of New York as well as with Results Coaching Systems. When she is not coaching one-on-one or doing group programs, Claudette talks to women about the rippling effect families have on our lives.

As well as being a regular co-host on Life Coach Chat, Claudette is the author of Words of Hope, Inspiration and Wisdom for Stepmoms which she gives away free on her website . Her second book is called 31 Days to Better Communication in your Stepfamily which is available on She is currently in the process of writing with her forthcoming book “Emotions, Moods, and Attitudes: How To Stay Sane In Your Stepfamily.” Claudette often writes for The Stepmom Magazine and Xpanded Families as well.

Claudette’s THRIVE process helps stepmoms take them out of survival mode and propels them towards a thriving and fulfilling relationship, one STEP at a time. To find out more about Claudette’s work, events and program, go to where you can also get a free report on “8 steps from Conflict to Harmony.”


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