Connie Rogers

Connie Rogers

Connie Rogers is a Certified Integrated Health Coach, Lifestyle Educator, Owner of Bite Size Pieces, Published Health & Wellness Author, Certified Reiki Master and a Certified Cosmetologist/Skin Expert for the past 37 years. She coined the phrase "Your Skin is a Barometer of what goes on inside Your Body.”

Connie has her own line of "Reverseage Wellness" organic essential oils.

She is accredited through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. 

Being a Health Coach, her clients typically include businessmen & women who are looking for a way to incorporate new healthy habits, tools & skills into their already busy lifestyles and need support in doing so. Connie specializes in toxins and challenges that can disrupt our Integumentary, Metabolic, and Endocrine Health.  With almost 4 decades of hands-on experience, she brings the highest level of integrity and dedication to each of her clients, working together towards simple yet powerful solutions.  She teaches "Weight Loss for Life" & "Stress Less for Life" & "Skin Health from Within". Disease & disharmony tell a story, not just about our cells and diagnosis, but of ourselves and our lifestyle. “Health is a reflection of how we choose to live!”

What is keeping you stuck?  It’s time to connect with Connie today!  

I was a loyal customer of Faces for probably 15 years when Connie was in California. I hated the day she left and I’m still hoping she will come back and open up a business here again!

I’ve tried to find someone since, who is as professional, knowledgeable and truly has the best interest of her customer in mind as Connie did. Honestly I have found some who are ok, but no one yet that seems to have the best interest of the customer as a priority. That was a very special trait that set Connie apart from other businesses.
— Barbara Romelsbacher, Delta Airlines
My coaching program with Connie CHHC, has proven invaluable. Her program targets what you need and more. I have found ways to relieve my symptoms and pain from fibromyalgia. I feel better, have more energy, weigh less
and my back pain has decreased 80%. She was very knowledgeable and patient while supporting me through many changes. She encourages you to be all that you
can be. She is committed to you and your results. I appreciate her listening skills, energy and expertise..

Knowing that she allows a safe space for you to grow and
make changes at your own pace, I would recommend her to all my friends. I feel very thankful that she has come into my life.
— Michelle Zang LV, Nevada
Over the years I have really never given much thought about what I was eating for the past three years my health has continued to go down hill fast. In the past six months my health has totally gone down hill to the point that I was literally coughing and choking for air till I would actually pass out. My doctor finally admitted me into the hospital where I spent the next three weeks.

After being in the hospital for three weeks the doctors put me on a medication that was going to cost me between $4500 to $6000 a month. I couldn’t afford this. My hormone level, cholesterol and Blood Pressure was high. But, on top of that I was told by my doctor that I had only about three to four months to live, because of cancer. I was just devastated by what they had to say.

They had put me on a drug called Octreotide /scan stantin. This drug had so many side effects from it that I just couldn’t make my self live the rest of my life with all these side effects. This is when I confided in a friend and I was telling him what was going on with my health. He then introduced me to Connie who is now my coach. When I found Connie I wanted to do what I have to in order to clear this up and my intention was to prove the doctors wrong. I started working with Connie on my program and I have taken no medication since I got out of the hospital. I feel better now than I have felt in three years.

I totally changed my eating habits and stop eating my daily habits of sugars, dairy, and gluten products. I juice three times a day and eat a lot of healthy vegetables and wild salmon. My stomach feels alot better. I have no more headaches and depression. My blood pressure is at normal after two years of being on high blood pressure medication. I take no kind of medication at all. Not even any pain medication. My coughing is gone. My acid reflux is gone. My knees have hurt for ten years and now they no longer hurt like they did before I started juicing. I have lost 37 pounds! I feel so much better and owe a lot of thanks to Connie for all her help and to my friend Bo for introducing us. Thank you Connie. You have really helped me incorporate new habits.

Now Off Multiple Meds and Feeling Better Each Day!
— Doug Landrum