Danica Trebel

Danica Trebel

Danica Trebel, founder of Danica Trebel Family Dynamics & Life Coaching, knows first-hand the power and healing that can come from a family united. It was through her own personal experiences with eating disorders and the separation from her family and children that led her to this place of healing and restoration and passion to help others.  Her formal education and training combined with those experiences make her an expert in helping people live their lives to the fullest through effective communication, learning to be vulnerable and authentic, faith and most importantly fun!  It’s her deepest desire to help transform the world one relationship at a time.

Danica is currently training under Transformational Speaker and Breakthrough Coach Lisa Nichols, is a Parenting 2.0 Global Presence Ambassador and graduate of the Parent Effectiveness Training Course and published author. She also shares her passion through writing for a variety of platforms and can even help develop physical muscles as well as the spiritual ones through her personal training certification. It's clear that Danica's mission is equipping others to find and live their own from the inside out.

WEB: www.danicatrebel.com

EMAIL: danica@danicatrebel.com

PHONE: 919.341.9588