Danielle Mercurio

Danielle Mercurio

Danielle Mercurio is a city lifestyle expert and coach at New You City. She inspires urban dwellers to find their own groove in the chaos and manifest their dreams into reality! She uses her own life experience as well as intuition and wit to encourage people to stop worrying about what other people think, become bolder, and feel complete now. In addition to coaching, she also incorporates meditation, astrology and tarot card readings into her practice to allow her clients additional Zen and clarity.  Danielle received her life coach and energy leadership training at iPEC and is a certified Reiki Practitioner. Her show, New You City Chat w/Danielle Mercurio, on Life Coach Radio Network airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening at 8 PM/EST.

Danielle is a foodie enthusiast, enjoys dancing to EDM and a firm believer in the present moment.


WEB: newyoucitycoaching.wordpress.com

EMAIL: danimercurio@gmail.com

PHONE:  646-998-4051


Absolutely delightful, funny, intelligent, very caring and sensitive. Direct and honest, Danielle is one AWESOME individual!
— Isabelle Pascale, Ayurvedic Pratictioner & Life Coach
D is for Dynamite! Danielle can always provide a lighthearted laugh and puts a smile on everyone around her. She has a kind heart and always cares for and nurtures others! She is very supportive and wants to see others succeed as much as her self.
— Anonymous; New York, NY