Debrah Mathis is a professionally trained business and life coach, specializing in leadership potential and energy.  Her dedication is faultless in serving the needs of successful career-focused women and professional moms by working with them to improve their relational skills, financial literacy, and decision-making capabilities in their personal and professional lives with extraordinary results. With over 12 years of practical coaching experience and a trusted advisor, Debrah has received mastery coaching based on personal improvement mastery and core leadership competencies that address 7 levels of leadership and engagement. With her natural ability to develop a rapport and put her clients at ease, she has quickly become well-established and is in high demand among today’s professionals and leaders.

Furthermore, being a qualified relationship management strategist also allows Debrah to work with life partners and executive spouses to help them adapt to their transitional “road warrior” lifestyle.  This lifestyle can create complexity to an individual’s stress of managing a blended work life and its overall impact on their energy, identity, relationships, and money.

Debrah is also a current member of the Institute of Coaching at McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical affiliate, and a guest blog contributor for Penn Energy. Contact Debrah at or to learn more about Your Energy Matters, visit

I have utilized Debrah’s service and found that she provides great value towards helping me to move toward the goals I set for myself. She asked questions which helped me to understand that I was the person standing in my own way of achieving top results. Once I realized my internal blocks, I was able to move forward and create sustainable change. I felt comfortable about being honest and not judged by Debrah throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend hiring Debrah as a facilitator of empowering change if you feel stuck or not able to break through to the next level of your life.
— Candi Grace, Keller Williams Realty
Debrah is a dynamic coach who really connects with her clients. Debrah gently guides her clients to take action in creating positive work and home environments. She has strong listening skills that enhance the coaching experience.
— Wendy Perrell, EdD., Empowerment Coach, Service Excellence, Soul Coaching at SynchroDestiny Coaching
Debrah and I worked with the same team at one point. I was assigned a new recruiter who was not familiar with our processes and was not comfortable with me leading on certain tasks. Debrah provided me with pointers and advised me of things that I could do that would build a level of trust with my team. Her direction allowed me to repair the areas of my partnership with my recruiter. While the relationship with my recruiter is still a work in progress, it is not as it was previously and improving day to day. This is only part of the reason I would recommend Debrah as a partner and advisor!
— Ettanah Coleman, Customer Support Associate at Great American Days