Dorothy Doctor, Radio Host Personality "The Self Love Coach", specializes in teaching Self Love Life Skills before & after trauma. This is her self-expression to communicate her voice in the world and for others. Dorothy Doctor graduated from Southwest Institute for Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona. Dorothy Doctor was born and raised in Tucson, Arizona and lives in Tempe, Arizona to a family of 12 children, adopted before the age of 5. The event that changed Dorothy's whole perspective on life was being sexually abused and molested as a child and being adopted after abuse and neglect and being able to get away from the adoption stereotypes about whether she would succeed in her life as an adopted child.

Dorothy had her own inner conflict about self-acceptance after surviving all the effects of trauma. She has had to overcome many obstacles. How Dorothy Doctor solved her problems was through journaling, praying to God, going to church and singing when she felt troubled and searching herself for things she wanted to change about herself.

Dorothy Doctor made the decision in her life not to be a victim anymore due to her circumstances and to reclaim her life by completing the Curriculum for Living with Landmark Education. She completed the Confidential Intermediary Program with the Arizona Supreme Court to search for birth parents and siblings after adoption as she was raising her daughter as a teen parent.  Dorothy found her spiritual gifts, powers and many other tools to motivate and inspire other people around the world.

Dorothy solved her problems through reading all the self-help books she could find, spiritual counseling and prayer, going to Sunday school seminary and wellness programs schools, colleges, art drawing, radio, and television. 

Dorothy's greatest influences were being raised by her adoptive parents, being taught by her kindergarten teacher, Leadership Development programs and Holistic Education Community Colleges.

Dorothy’s affirmations for living:

"I transform the world I live in by being the change I want to see in the world so that others will follow." 

 Dorothy is touched, moved and inspired by being able to transform her life from nothing into something more beautiful than she imagined and there is more to come.

 "I AM a child of the living GOD and therefore I am FREE and all knowing!" - Dorothy Doctor

It was a delight for me to be on your very first show. You have a gift for making your guests feel safe and welcomed. Your show is an inspiration to those struggling to overcome adversity from childhood trauma, and you are a premier model on how to do that. Thank you again for the opportunity to speak on my favorite subject – what it takes to thrive, not just survive through difficult times.
— Joyce Ann Tepley,
I worked at a domestic violence shelter in Phoenix, AZ I was of service to 25 women for 2 weeks. Each of the women attended 2 sessions and my heart just dropped when I heard the feedback from the clients that were getting what they wanted out of life after on session and how their problems just disappeared. The clients were expressing how thankful they were that I took the time to listen and finding solutions. They are committed to creating a transformation in them.

I’ve done much Therapy, Yoga healing sessions and this shared affirmation through Hypnotherapy was a special experience for me to remember that a therapist is a supportive Guide to Healing. I am grateful for Dorothy’s attention compassion, care, loving kindness. I wish her well in her training and as a future therapist... WOW!
— A.B., Student Clinic