Errol McLendon is a IPEC certified Project and Mindset Coach. Errol has taught workshops and conducted seminars on communication, creativity and life planning and is a professional actor and director in the Chicago area. Errol began 12 years ago working in multiple medical schools as a communications and life balance consultant, helping medical students survive their life passion.Project coaching clarifies the objectives of people going through a period of change with an eye on one main project. Errol's current clients include directors, actors, filmmakers, musicians and lavender farmers. Every one of them started with a small dream that was nurtured into a life changing project. Project coaching keeps clients motivated, accountable and in control of their whole life throughout the transition process. There is no "cookie cutter" approach. Each project success plan is based on the principle that each individual person's answers lie within them. 

Errol's radio show, LEAP, is an interactive guidebook for anyone tired of just being satisfied - anyone ready to take a leap and soar.