Freda  Corporan

Freda Corporan

Freda Corporan is the driving force behind the Reawaken Beautiful movement.  A Life Coach and Personal Image and Etiquette Consultant, Freda draws from her diverse and eclectic professional background ranging from Human Resources, Public Relations and Administration, to advise her clients. 

Like many woman, Freda once struggled with confidence issues that kept her from achieving happiness and realizing her dreams.  A victim of low self-esteem as a young woman, she has made it her goal to empower other woman by helping them shed their negative self-perceptions to unleash their authentic voices, beauty and courage. 

Having earned her undergraduate Degree in Psychology and her certification as a Transformational Life Coach, Freda is qualified and knowledgeable in a host of tools and psychological applications to best communicate her message and present her material in an inviting and accessible way.  Her passion is having woman reawaken their individual “beautiful.”  It is her goal to help woman achieve a spiritual revival, with real-world insights and enable them to manifest their ultimate truth. 

Freda is currently writing a book on the complicated relationships between daughters and their fathers, entitled “Friending Our Fathers.”