I decided to become a life coach to fulfill a deeper passion of spreading good news for all to hear. I had struggled with finding joy and peace in my daily living and who I really wanted to be.   I had to be reminded that He wants me to be joyful and happy,the way He originally designed me to be. The Holy Spirit moved in my life at the right time, yet again, and I was presented with an opportunity to learn about life purpose coaching!! I am happily married of 16 years with two beautiful children: a 14 year old daughter and 5 year old son. I am blessed to have wonderful friends and family in my life.  For 15 years+ I have been teaching faith formation for the sacramental preparation of Confirmation.  

I assemble spiritual retreats, classes, ceremonies, and presentations to foster the class for this sacrament.  I volunteer with the high school youth group engaging in numerous service projects such as DuPage's Sleep Out Saturday, Senior Valentine's Dinner Dance, and Fireside chats with groups of teens. Awards: OnGoing Mastery of Catechesis in 2009. Certified Professional Life Coach (CPC) and ELI-MP Co-Author of Overcoming Mediocrity Published by Christie Ruffino (DPWN) Partnering in the project of Empowering Questions with fellow Coaches by Elle Da silva "Sisterhood Connection Book" and Huffington Post Blogger


Gina cares deeply for her clients and lets them know that they are very important to her. Such a big, beautiful heart, what a rare and true gift that is nowadays! She has accompanied me through big transitions and moments of loss and it made a world of difference to know that she was in my corner, ready to cheer me on, and keep me moving forward. She sees the good in her clients when they don’t necessarily even realize it themselves. Open and warm, her encouraging presence as a coach will help those who are struggling because they will know that she’s there to accompany them during their difficulties and to celebrate with them when they’ve made it through! Thank you Gina!
— Tama Carroll
Few people in this life have the ability to connect with others at their most difficult times in life. A priest told me one time that he looks at each difficulty in his life as a gift. The gift being that without difficulty, he could not know peace. Gina Sannasardo is a woman who has taken the gift of many difficulties in her life, and from them, created peace. She is a brilliant instructor and presenter and passionate about her faith and love of God. I have witnessed firsthand Gina’s presentation of retreats and workshops as well as classroom activities and teaching skills. She engages adults and youth alike, and presents her material with passion and drive. Gina truly uses her gifts to make all feel warm and welcome. She is an extraordinary listener as well, which in itself is quite special. It is because of these skills that she is able to connect with others during their most difficult times. I have worked with Gina on a professional level for 6 years, and do truly give my recommendation of her coaching abilities. As a coach, I know that Gina will help you attain contentment and peace. If you have the good fortune to become acquainted with Gina, I feel sure that you will agree that she is an outstanding and gifted individual.
— Nancy McKnight