Wife.  Proud mother of three AMAZING kids.  Wine lover. Foodie.  Hard worker.  Certified Professional Coach.

With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate world, I know what it takes to climb the corporate ladder. I’ve experienced my fair share of trials and tribulations – from the guy who said I’d never be more than a secretary, the woman who said that without a college education, I’d never get anywhere, or the man who told me I had to choose between being a mother and a high performer.

I proved them ALL wrong.


Plain and simple - I coach because it's my passion.  I work with women who want to advance their careers.  I help them develop the skills to navigate the corporate jungle, allowing them to achieve their goals and claim their seat at the executive table.

WEB: www.kimblackcoaching.com

EMAIL: kim@kimblackcoaching.com

PHONE: 713-825-8160

Kim was instrumental in helping me identify potential opportunities for growth by encouraging me to look beyond my comfort zone and find the possibilities in each opportunity. Her thoughtful and encouraging way gave me the confidence I previously lacked to go for goals I previously thought impossible.
— A. Conway