In the last 12 years of my work life and personal experience, I have understood that the true essence of Life lies in pursuing things that make me Happy!

“Living a life on my own terms, creating my own destiny and at the end of the day knowing that the Heart which is beating inside me is sharing true happiness with my Soul.”

I am a passionate Facilitator and High Impact Presentation Designer. My friends have known me for the positivity and magnificent vibrancy that I bring exhibit in my training sessions. The innovations and creativity have left a lasting impression on the audiences.

I am certified coach from International Coach Academy and I am keen on helping people in their pursuit of happiness.

In this not so long journey I have come across 10000+ participants, who have been impacted and felt a difference created for them, in their own life. I am thankful to God to have bestowed his kind blessings on me so that I can stay happy and spread happiness around.

I love music and have a keen desire to learn dance sometime soon.

I strongly believe that where there is a will there is a way, and if we want happiness in our lives, then we all will surely find our way to get it.



SKYPE ID:  Kusha.kalra

I want to thank you for all of your coaching.

Having Kusha as a coach helped me get clear on what I needed in my life internally not externally. We didn’t really have an agenda as to what I wanted to accomplish all of the time. She was willing to go with the flow of how I was feeling each coaching session and for me I was all over the place.

What I learned was I need to incorporate the things that bring me joy into my every day life in order for me to be happy enough to sit down and get the things done that I don’t want to do. Ultimately isn’t that what we are after?

I learned that I have been spoiled...that I wasn’t used to working hard and that it is a muscle that has to be worked and strengthened . I am impatient and want to arrive and not go through the process of getting there. With Kusha’s help I now realize that the process and journey is the growth that I need and that I must change my attitude towards the learning part of things.

I am gentler on myself and I’m taking one little step at a time toward my goals instead of expecting everything to come easily. Things have always come easily and I am quick to drop something if it doesn’t. I am now trying to look at the challenges as part of the journey not an obstacle.

I am grateful for Kusha’s time and insight. She was very helpful in keeping me grounded and helped me see that everyone starts at the beginning and has to learn. I’m just not use to it.
Savor the chocolate.

We came to the conclusion that “struggle just causes more resistant” so I have let go of the struggle and things are flowing easier, I am happier and all is well.

Thank you again Kusha for always listening to me yap...on and on and staying with me when I totally got off track of what I was supposed to be doing. It was a pleasure sharing my journey with you and I wish you the very best.

I think you will be such a help to the youth, guiding them on their journey to find their passions, be productive, and live a healthy and happy life.

All the Best to you and Thanks Again. It was a pleasure getting to know you and I am grateful for all that you’ve given me.
— Amy LaDeroute, Voice Over/Actor/Singer -