Lesley Picchietti

Lesley Picchietti

Lesley Picchietti has spent over 25 years doing what she loves.  Throughout her varied background, the constants have been her addictive optimistic approach and desire to make a difference. With a degree in journalism, she began her career in TV news but made the move to non-profit development and community training.  Eventually, her passion for music inspired her to create a 12-year run as a jazz vocalist and band leader.  She toured nationally and internationally, recorded eight albums and created in-school music education workshops.  

Realizing her ability to bring out the potential in others, she continued on the educators’ path as a teaching artist for Chicago Jazz Philharmonic (CJP). As CJP's Director of Communications and Outreach, she built education and training programs.  She also applied non-traditional methods -like using hand chimes - as part of corporate leadership programs.

As a certified coach, Lesley believes the art of coaching/teaching, for any age, is through empowerment and engagement.  Using a unique blend of compassion, boldness and humor, she consistently shifts client and student energy from a place of hesitation to a more positive and confident center.

Lesley owns Inspire Bliss Coaching and Consulting, providing personal and professional development programs, coaching and training to enhance the lives of people and the productivity of organizations. Lesley is also a coach trainer for the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.

I must reiterate how helpful my coaching sessions with Lesley were. The whole program is, I think, an essential tool for managers, and Lesley made the conversation fun, casual, but no less serious when it came to working out solutions to problems. I’m truly grateful for her attentiveness, spirit, and empathy.
— Ian S. Corporate Client