As a Certified Christian Life Coach, Linda Stephens-Jones, CCLC, ACC believes we all have a passion deep down inside that can light up our lives and bring God glory – if we only uncover and follow it.  That passion for her is coaching!  She specializes in helping clients to overcome fear and effectively manage major change & transitions such as career downturns, empty nests, elder caregiving, grief, divorce, self-doubt, etc. Her clients discover their strengths & passions, build confidence and focus on what matters most to them by making inspired choices!  Linda also facilitates a group coaching program she designed called Six Inspired Choices, exclusively for women dealing with major life transitions.  Participants identify and embrace a bright vision while creating a step by step plan to move from feeling “stuck”, to feeling unstoppable!  Her client portfolio covers 12 states, Australia and Hong Kong. 

In addition to coaching, speaking and training, Linda especially enjoys time with her family and friends, hosting prayer groups, the beach, chocolate, football, and time with a good book.



PHONE: 703-887-9096

My coach helped me to start downsizing belongings after moving into smaller home and I came up with a plan of action for aging parents and their care. Coach Linda asked the right questions in order for me to become aware of the issues I needed to process.
— KS, Tampa, FL
At first I wasn’t too sure about the whole process, but this helped me in so many different ways that words can’t explain! I’ve been truly blessed since our coaching sessions!
— JB, Columbus, GA
Coaching has given me a venue to discuss my personal thoughts without shame, guilt or judgment. Coaching has provided a safe place for me. Coaching is helping me to move on with my life. Coaching has made me feel I can move forward with life and I am here for a purpose. Coaching has me curious about myself, and eager to run on and see what is next. Coaching has given me a new outlook on life that I would’ve never discovered.
— CW, Woodbridge, VA