Lisa Marie Pepe, M.A.T., MA, LMT, CWC

Lisa Marie Pepe, M.A.T., MA, LMT, CWC

Lisa Marie Pepe, M.A.T., MA, LMT, CWC, is The Confidence & Online Visibility Coach for Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs, a Business Mentor, Inspirational Author, and Motivational Speaker. As the Owner and Founder of Positive Transformation Life Coaching, Lisa Marie empowers heart-centered women entrepreneurs to fully embrace their unique gifts and talents by providing them with the skills they need to develop rock-solid confidence, become vibrantly visible online, thrive in business, and create the life they most desire. For more information or to contact Lisa Marie, please visit or call 203-671-0139

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Lisa Marie’s signature program, From Surviving to Thriving in Life and Business: A One on One Program for Heart-Centered Women Entrepreneurs Who Desire to Embrace their Unique Gifts and Talents, Develop Rock-Solid Confidence, Become Vibrantly Visible Online, Thrive in Business, and Create The Life You Most Desire, is the Triple Crown of personal coaching programs! In this premium coaching program, Lisa Marie empowers her clients to ditch self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors, discover their true calling in life and business, and develop the confidence to bust through your deepest fears! Clients have often said that before working with Lisa Marie they felt lost, insecure, and fearful, but afterwards they emerge feeling laser-focused, confident, and are on their way to creating the life and business of their dreams.

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  • Quinnipiac University; BA; Sociology; 2001
  • Quinnipiac University; M.A.T. (Masters of Arts in Teaching); 2005
  • University of Hartford; MA; Clinical Psychology; 2007
  • Branford Hall Career Institute; Certificate of Massage Therapy; 2009
  • Spencer Institute for Life Coaching; Certificate in Wellness Coaching; 2014


Spending quality time with family and friends; practicing daily prayer, meditation, and therapeutic exercise; spending time in nature; reading and going to the movies; eating wholesome, raw, and organic foods