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Danielle Mercurio is a highly passionate and enthusiastic lifestyle coach, speaker, and lightworker.  She is the founder of New You City, where the city and you make her business thrive.  She inspires urban dwellers to find their own groove and manifest their hopes and dreams into a reality.  

Through workshops, private parties and, one-on-one sessions, she specializes in intuitive coaching, guided meditations, and astrological/tarot readings. Danielle has found that utilizing these platforms has brought greater awareness and quick solutions to her clients.  She uses her own life experience as well as light hearted spirit and wit to engage her audience and encourage people to stop worrying about what other people think, become bolder, and feel complete now.

After entering her own quintessential quarter-life crisis, the world revolved around the confusion of what it meant to be an ‘adult’ in a big city.  It wasn’t all posh evenings out, unique job opportunities, chic wardrobes and single desirable men at every venture like the media depicted.  Instead; after spending way too much money, working long stressful hours, dating all the wrong guys, and gaining over 35 pounds, she was left feeling hopeless, insecure, and frustrated.  It wasn’t until the point of desperation that the willingness for change started to arise and things started to shift. Danielle was able to learn to like herself (inside and out), and create an independent lifestyle like she always craved.  She lost the weight and has continuously attracted positive experiences into her life. 

It has since been her calling to help people that are also struggling with the transition to adulthood, their body image, and what she calls living up to the “Carrie Bradshaw” factor.  She understands the self-criticism and doubt because she’s dealt with it all.  She will also tell you that making big changes doesn’t have to be an “all or nothing” experience and that you can have fun in the process!  Thus is best demonstrated by the cocktails or night of dancing she often incorporates into her workshops!

Her radio show, “New You City Chat” airs every 1st and 3rd Tuesday evening at 8 PM/EST.  The show features a variety of topics related to confidence, relationships, eating awareness, moving to a new city, shaking up your boring routine, making spiritually and meditation relatable, and being the life of the party!

Danielle is also a Co-Creator and Executive Producer on the Life Coach TV Network on YouTube.  The channel contains a collaboration of self-help and inspirational videos from the coaching community.  The videos can be found via this link,

Danielle lives in Manhattan in an adorable studio she often refers to as her best friend.  She enjoys decadent food, wine and laughter with great friends, running, EDM festivals, and getting lost in a good book.  She also meditates, practices Kundalini yoga, and believes that everything you want is in the present moment.

Are you tired of waiting for change to happen?  It’s your turn to live the life you deserve!  Reach out to Danielle to get started at or go to her website,



Let's be honest, living in a big city is kind of like the ultimate dream. There's the allure of bright lights, glamorous people and accessibility to anything you want at any time. You're automatically cooler by association.  Carrie Bradshaw coined it best in saying, "it's simply fabulous".

And it really is.  However there are also the drawbacks we don't talk about.  Staying out til 3a.m. wears on our bodies and waistlines, jobs are more demanding and a decent date seems as rare as catching the subway right when you hit the platform.

So what's one to do?  How do you balance it all and keep your sanity at the same time?  During this workshop, we'll implement strategies centered on how to stop the nasty voice in your head, create meaningful boundaries and what you need to do to have a rocking body! You'll leave feeling like a city gladiator ready to take the concrete jungle head on!

So it's time to fall in love with the city, fall in love with yourself, and maybe event find a cute dude to share it all with.  Because remember, at the heart of it you're a New Yorker...You're just naturally meant to have it all.

To register for Danielle Mercurio's workshop or any of the other workshops at LCRNs NEW YEAR NEW YOU WEEKEND WORKSHOP, please visit:


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