Michael O’Brien blends more than 20 years of corporate experience—from the cubicle to the boardroom—with his personal story of triumph over tragedy. He inspires others and motivates them to move beyond their obstacles toward success in business and their lives.

Michael brings a fresh perspective through his stories and unique experiences in business and personal transformation. He focuses on the importance of building a foundation on beliefs, effort, successes, as well as setbacks. These pillars serve as the foundation of his B.E.S.T. principles—the same principles that moved him from trauma room to boardroom.

In his coaching practice, Peloton Coaching and Consulting, he partners with today's business leaders to help them move from functional performance to optimal performance. His aim is to change lives by enhancing leadership energy, engagement, and fulfillment, and demonstrating how these qualities can cascade throughout organizations.

Michael’s corporate experience includes leadership positions as a manager, director, and at a VP executive-level at some of the top global pharmaceutical companies.

Michael is a spirited coach, a dedicated executive leader and a trusted advisor. My successful career as an award winning District Sales Manager was launched by Michael’s frequent encouragement, consistent accountability and meaningful feedback. Furthermore, because of Michael’s leadership modeling, I have learned how to lead with grace, managerial courage and a differentiating, high-performance edge.

Michael takes great pride in his work, has a strong passion for the development of people, and is driven to achieve excellent outcomes.
— Sales Manager, Top 20 Pharma Company