Monica Ortiz is a successful Life Coach, Author, and Speaker whose award-winning work has touched thousands of lives over her 20-year career. Her debut book in 2013 received over 100 five-star reviews and critical acclaim, and has led to speaking invitations at leading institutions such as Stanford University on topics ranging from Success in Your Career and Relationships to Shifting Your Energy to Shape Your Reality. She is founder of The Universe Series, a professional organization bringing the tools she teaches to millions of people around the globe. 

Monica is also a prominent figure in the Hollywood entertainment world, as a Writer, Producer and occasionally Life Coach with actors to help turn their dreams into reality. She believes an extraordinary existence filled with happiness, love, good health, and success is attainable for all people, and has helped people from varied walks of life, backgrounds, and beliefs, including professional athletes, Olympic hopefuls, Fortune 500 executives, mothers, fathers, and students achieve incredible success in their careers and personal lives. She thinks she could probably help you too.

Monica's background and accomplishments are impressive but she has one small drawback. She is far too humble and never writes her own biographies, citing "What do I write? That I'm a good person who has dedicated her life to helping other people? Okay, write that for me please."

Universe 101: Learn Grow Evolve is a book that shows how we can all live more deeply fulfilling and successful lives.

The stories of personal transformation outlined in this book remind us all of our own journey in self-improvement and discovery. Thousands have used the tools detailed inside to create more fulfilling lives at home and at work. Rated 5 stars on Amazon, this book will serve as a guide for anyone interested in bettering their personal or professional lives.

I had tried everything, numerous people were contacted including a team of world renowned Life Coaches to see if they could help. Nothing seemed to help my mother get past her issues of negativity, and holding onto a bitter past. However, working with Monica she began to become more and more understanding of her situation and realized she had a choice to change it. It was nothing shy of miraculous to see the transformation and I can attest that something’s are never fully described in words only experienced. Working with Monica is one such example of this.
— Mike King, Los Angeles, CA