CREATE A MOVEMENT IN THIS WORLD BY celebrating moms everywhere!

Starting Sunday, May 1st, Life Coach Radio Networks will be launching a project promoting and celebrating current moms, those who are "like a mom" and others in the community for 7 days - up to and including Mother's Day on Sunday, May 8th. This is part of our “One Love One People Kindness in Motion” Movement. We want people to pause from their day-to-day lives to be more loving, more supportive, and connect with others in the world. 

Why A Mother's Day Kindness Challenge?

Yes, we do dedicate one day every year to honor moms but why set aside only one day? Moms are often the anchors of our family. They provide the foundation to our growth and well-being. They are there to "clean" our mess when no one wants to. They are there to teach us our values and how we show up in this world.  They are there to encourage us when fear has taken over. They are the first ones to scold us for wrongdoings while providing unconditional love. They are our partner when we our alone and are willing to step back when we've found a partner.

Moms are our play date, caregiver, teacher, friend, partner, mentor - our hero in our world.

And, when Mom is absent, the loss is felt profoundly. We want to lift up and be with people who have lost their moms or mothers who have suffered the loss of a child. 

How can you join the Mother's Day Kindness Challenge?

  • CELEBRATE moms in our lives - whether they are related or not
  • AFFIRM the value of moms. Reach out to single dads, grandmothers and other caregivers who are raising kids without a traditional "mom" in the home, etc. If you are a mother you can post about "why I love being a  mom, or why I love my kids"
  • ENCOURAGE people for whom Mother's Day might be difficult. Those who grew up without a mom or lost theirs at an early age. Those who lost a child due to miscarriage, infant death or later in life. Those who are childless (not by choice). Those who recently had a mom, grandmom, aunt or other "mom figure" pass away. JOIN THE PARTY!  We will be hanging out on Facebook at the One Love One People Group. We’ll have resources for you to use in sharing with others, and invite you to share your own perspectives.Click this link to join us!


For inspiration… Check out this beautiful video, which is so poignant in displaying kindness to mothers! It was created last year. We think it’s just brilliant! 



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