Mz Originator aka Dawn Ferguson was born and raised in Newark NJ. While growing up in the city she discovered her love and passion for helping others. Throughout her adolescence years her passion for spreading love, business and entertainment consumed her. Becoming a young mother early in life she put her dreams on hold and lived life as most do. Joining the Healthcare field her desires and passion for being part of something different and could call her own grew strong.

Over the years Mz O has led many to accomplishing their goals. Whether it was improving on their self esteem, getting a new job or improving themselves so that they could be the apple in someone’s eye; Mz Originator has been there.

While attending both Lincoln University and Montclair State University, Mz Originator knew she was destined for something different but she struggled with that thought. Later in life, bitten by the entrepreneurial bug, Mz O has become a self published author, entrepreneur, life and business strategist and she’s not stopping there. Helping people in all her travels Mz Originator spreads knowledge, love and inspiration with everyone she connects to. 



Phone: 973-592-4540