Life Coach Radio Networks presents 14+ interactive workshops packed with the tools and guidance to benefit your company/organization.  Each workshop is led by an expert certified professional coach and tailored to address a specific topic to help motivate and position you for great success. 

See below for a description of the workshops our Coach Hosts are available to give at your company or organization, or via a webinar.  Complete the 'contact us' feature here if you would like to speak to one or more of us about this.

TRIUMPH: How Our Emotions Lead to Overeating & Weight Gain

Presenter: Filomena A. Iorio-Tasoluk, CPC, ELI-MP

This interactive workshop will teach participants to understand how conditioned emotions, self-worth and habits play an important factor in why we use food for comfort. Participant will learn practical solutions they can use right away to shift their mindset, as well as participate in various exercises.

Focusing on HOW You Say It - The Power of Words We Use & How it Affects the Outcome of the Goals We Set

Presenter: Andrea Ruchelman

We are always talking to ourselves about how we want something in life, whether it be a personal fitness goal, a relationship, a promotion or raise, a new car, a new job, a new house, etc. These are the WHAT’s in life that we talk about and usually HOW we talk about it reflect how successful we will be at achieving it. Think of some of the words you use:

  • It’s my dream to own a home
  • I would love to have that car
  • I need to get in shape
  • I probably won’t get the promotion
  • I’m not sure they’re going to hire me
  • I’m not sure He/she is interested in me

How successful are you going to be in 2014 if this is HOW you say you want something?  Come to my seminar of “Focusing on HOW You Say It™” and how powerful the words are that you use not only with others but with yourself too.  Learn how to influence, motivate and change the way you reach your personal and interpersonal goals.  You’ll walk away knowing how to catch yourself using negative influence, understand why you are using it and how to change it for consistent successful outcomes.  Now is the time to truly take control of your own success instead of waiting for it to happen by some outside force.

Who Do You Think You Are? How Your Life is a Direct Reflection of How You See Yourself

Presenter: Tim Billiter

Tim Billiter will speak about storytelling and mythology to illustrate how we each carry around "a story we tell ourselves about ourselves and how we fit into the world" and how this story colors all of our thoughts and beliefs, thus directly influencing the multitude of choices we make each and every day.

He will tap into my own personal history for examples of how his belief systems about himself have and still do affect his life. Through this, he will be able to explain how he’s had to learn to recognize where his "old thinking" is holding him back and challenge those limiting beliefs.

Finally, he will give some thoughts and tips on recognizing how each of our stories affects our lives and how to move past those things that are holding us back. 

Going Deeper: Unleashing the Power of Spirituality for Personal Transformation

Presenter: Jennifer Kottler

In this workshop, we will discuss how spirituality can be an asset in personal transformation.We will look the ways in  which personal spiritual practices (prayer, meditation, yoga, writing, walking, silence) can inform and expand our understanding of ourselves, our world and our future. Not comfortable talking about Spirit? We can think about this as the intentions that we make and send out into the Universe, and the Love that transcends our humanity.

Rev. Jennifer Hope Kottler (www.seedspiritualcoaching.com) is an ordained minister and Certified Professional Coach working in private practice as a spiritual direction and life purpose coach.

Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

Presenter: Annette Johnson

Annette Johnson, The FLY Coach, will facilitate a self-discovery process where you will envision what you want your life legacy to be and take the first steps towards creating your personal mission statement. You will begin your journey by determining:

  • Who you want to be
  • What you want to have
  • What you want to do

Champagne Wishes & Creating Your City Life Dreams!

Presenter: Danielle Mercurio

Let's be honest, living in a big city is kind of like the ultimate dream. There's the allure of bright lights, glamorous people and accessibility to anything you want at any time. You're automatically cooler by association.  Carrie Bradshaw coined it best in saying, "it's simply fabulous".

And it really is.  However there are also the drawbacks we don't talk about.  Staying out til 3a.m. wears on our bodies and waistlines, jobs are more demanding and a decent date seems as rare as catching the subway right when you hit the platform.

So what's one to do?  How do you balance it all and keep your sanity at the same time?  During this workshop, we'll implement strategies centered on how to stop the nasty voice in your head, create meaningful boundaries and what you need to do to have a rocking body! You'll leave feeling like a city gladiator ready to take the concrete jungle head on!

So it's time to fall in love with the city, fall in love with yourself, and maybe event find a cute dude to share it all with.  Because remember, at the heart of it you're a New Yorker...You're just naturally meant to have it all.

Your Life Your Way: Defining The Life You Want (Not What Facebook, Your Mom Or A Magazine Say You Should Want)

Presenter: Jill Ozovek

Ever feel unfulfilled or unsure after measuring your life against “perfect” images you encounter on Facebook, Instagram or your favorite TV show? How do you reconcile these idealized depictions of the lives successful young women should be living with your hopes and aspirations for your unique and fulfilling future?What if you gave yourself the space and time to be able to conceptualize and craft a vision of the life YOU want for yourself beyond the Millennial and Gen Y stereotypes you read about in the mass media every day? How do you break free from the expectations your family and loved ones may have for you based on their own preconceived notions from the mass media?

Join Jill Ozovek, Certified Professional Coach & Founder of Jill Ozovek Coaching  for a hands-on, collaborative workshop that will provide:

  • Research-based insights into where these thoughts of lack may be coming from and how mass media and social media affect the choices women make
  • Tools that will help you become ‘unstuck’ and less focused on what others are doing, freeing up your mental space and giving you a sense of calm and balance
  • Encouragement and a proven roadmap that will help you to blaze your own trail and be the woman you were born to be

This seminar is for you if you want to:

  • Design your own agenda co-created according to your priorities and values
  • Explore real answers on how to move forward to achieve your specific personal goals that work for your lifestyle but might not be sure where to start
  • Understand what gets you (and can keep you) stuck
  • Move away from being defined by the culture and move toward defining the issues for yourself


The Law of the Farm: Planting Your Life One Seed at a Time

 Presenter: Barbara Hetzel

Growth takes time and we often are in a hurry to get things done and have easy and fast “wins” in life. Rushing any personal or professional development can create gaps that can hurt us in the long run. Being patient and persistent can pay off big in the end.

Through right and left-brain activities each participant will:

  • Identify their “crop,” i.e., a goal they want to achieve
  • “Prepare the ground” by locating and distinguishing obstacles and/or aids that provides a viable foundation
  • “Plant the seeds” that will bring new life and new understanding

The Resilience Project

Presenters: Veronica Taylor & Filomena A. Iorio-Tasoluk

Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we only get stronger - more resilient! 

Join Veronica Taylor (www.lifeleaderscoaching.com) and Filomena Iorio-Tasoluk (www.bounce-life.com) while we discuss the importance of resilience, why certain individuals can bounce back and other can’t and how you can become more resilient in your personal and professional challenges. Bounce back from whatever life throws at you by achieving confidence, balance, and personal purpose.


Top 10 Tips for Reclaiming Space for What Matters Most

Presenter: Tracy K. Pierce

Are you embarrassed to have friends over because of all the clutter? Are you sick and tired of clutter weighing you down? Are you ready to commit to making positive changes in your life? It's time to clear the clutter from your life! Join Clutter Coach Tracy K. Pierce as she invites you to take a look at your clutter from a different point of view. She'll also give you tips and tricks you can use right away to get started on clearing your own clutter. 

Find your Fabulousness!

Presenter: Shannon Hrobak-Sennefelder

Join Team WSC as we embark on a journey to awaken Wondrously Fabulous You!

In this engaging, fun and rewarding workshop, you will be given many  opportunities to identify, engage and flex your own fabulousness.  Led by Shannon Hrobak Sennefelder, CPC, CRC, you will be guided through a series of self identifying experiences that will bridge the connection between your greatest strengths and areas of challenge. Each process examines distinct patterns preventing you from the results you desire.

All or Nothing? FORGET THAT!!! Have a Life AND Be Healthy!

Presenters: Danielle Mercurio & Andrea Ruchelman

Starting a new regime, whether it is a diet, exercise or other NEW change in lifestyle, seems easy. Why? Because you are totally gung ho…and then slowly but surely, real life gets in the way and it's harder to keep up. Before you know it, you’re back to where you started (or even worse), completely off the wagon. Sound familiar?

 Throughout this workshop, Andrea & Danielle will discuss simple strategies you can use to keep to your goals AND your sanity! We’ll explore the “have-to’s” we try to follow and why we start making excuses when we think we might fail. You’ll walk away with the tools for how to create a life filled with more balance, satisfaction, enjoyment and less regrets.

The 50 Minute JumpStart: Transform Your Life from Functional to Optimal

Presenter: Russ Terry

In the 50 Minute Jump-Start, you will assess your happiness level in 15 parts of life (everything from Intimate and Social Relationships and Career to Time Management and Personal Finance). You will then articulate wishes in 3 of these areas and come up with a plan to start accomplishing at least one of them. This workshop is interactive so please bring your laptop or tablet device so that you can have the full experience. If that's not possible a hard copy will be provided for you to write on.


7 Steps to Recover from Divorce Without Drama to Create a New Life

Presenter: Martin Salama

Have you gone through a divorce? Maybe you're separated or going through a divorce right now.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Struggling and fighting with your Ex
  • Experiencing a certain amount of “Why me?
  • Feeling a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence
  • Unsure about your life and how to handle your emotional rollercoaster

Join Your Divorce Recovery Coach Martin Salama author of the recently published book “Recovering from Divorce” as he discusses his 7 Steps to Recover From Divorce Without Drama to Create a New Life.

Like many divorced individuals, divorce for Martin was one of the most difficult times in his adult life. You'll learn not only HOW to survive a divorce but how to start over and create a THRIVING life!

You don't have to suffer through the emotional pains that everyone feels when they go through such a life changing event. It doesn't matter whether you asked for the divorce or you were asked. Whatever side you fall on, there's emotional baggage that goes along with it.

The question is how are you recovering? 

As much as you may think you know how well you're recovering, you really don't know. Get a better understanding of how you’re really recovering.

Extraordinary Results: How to Clear Mind Clutter to Produce Better Results With Less Effort

Presenter: Danielle Mund

You're intelligent, work hard, and are ambitious. You take on a lot (perhaps too much), and always aim for the best. After all, aiming big is about doing big, right? So naturally, there's a lot on your mind...at all times.

But despite it all, you're not seeing the results you want. You're stressed out and overtired, have no time for working out or spending time with family and friends, and feel less productive than ever.

What's gone wrong? 

Come to this presentation and learn why you're not getting the extraordinary results you know are possible and what you can do about it

You can start creating the life you want to live--it just takes a few small tweaks

Defining What Success Means to Me

Presenter: Mandy Roczniak

During Mandy Roczniak’s workshop, participants will explore the following:

  • How do you define success / What does being successful mean to me
  • How is what I’m doing align with my definition of success
  • Based on my definition, how successful am I
  • What barriers are holding me back from the success I want
  • What will I do to stay successful

Use LinkedIn To ITS Fullest Potential So You Can Reach YOUR Fullest Potential

Presenter: Russ Terry

These days, LinkedIn has made cover letters almost obsolete and caused resumes to play second fiddle.  If you’re still using these – and not LinkedIn – you’ve fallen behind your peers.  This is the class to get you social media savvy so you can get the job and/or business opportunities you want and more money in your pocket.  Who doesn’t want that?

  • Do you use LinkedIn often?
  • Are you familiar with groups?
  • Do you share content frequently?
  • Do you have the coveted “500+” connections?
  • Do you know how to send mass emails that look like personal emails?

If you answered NO to ANY of these questions, then this workshop is for you.  Bring your laptop/tablet and follow step-by-step the various tools that LinkedIn offers.  You can do some of the steps on your SmartPhone and/or just take notes and take action when you get home if necessary.  


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