Nika Annon’s fascination with how humans operate, learn to be in the world and how to do it more fully and deeply attracted her to coaching.  Her coaching style is derived from years of study including depth psychology, anthropology, ethnography, philosophy & spirituality to help clients figure out how to do what they truly desire in life.  She incorporates Nuero-linguistic programming  NLP & Nuero-plasticity techniques to help individuals move beyond limiting beliefs & assumptions that hold them back & create new habits to reinforce the changes which create the desired outcomes.  Nika is the host of CREATE YOUR BLISS, a radio show on International Life Coach Radio Network airing every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. 

By supporting people on their journeys, Nika has coached clients in the following ways:

  • Transformation
  • Listening to your intuition
  • Honoring the wisdom of your body
  • Figuring how to make something happen
  • Creating a business
  • Making a dream come true
  • Changing what people assume themselves to be to the person they know they are


Nika Annon studied at St John’s College and New School University. She received her professional coaching certification from The Academy of NLP and Coaching. 



PHONE: 505-231-3698

Nika is a gifted facilitator and fearless asker of questions and I can fully attest to her great capacity as both a coach and a healer. Throughout my work with her, I rarely felt that I was being directed or led but rather that she listened closely, asked perceptive questions and always respected my own capacity to chart my own course. As a result of my work with her, I was able to realize certain goals that had long evaded me as well as gain significant insight into some of the ways I have blocked myself. Her perceptiveness, kindness and broad vision were invaluable.

I would whole heartedly recommend her work to anyone wishing to make changes in their lives. If you are looking to embark on a journey into new territory, you would do well by choosing to work with Nika.
— Ginger Beringer, Client
I recently had the great fortune to be interviewed by Nika Annon. I say great fortune because I have done dozens and dozens of interviews and this one was more than an interview…it was a conversation. If you want to be interviewed by someone who can really engage you in a conversation then get interviewed by Nika!!! You will find it rewarding, engrossing and led in ways of expressing yourself that will benefit you and everyone who is listening!
— Alan S. Questel,