LeAnne Parsons, Founder of La Dolce Vita Coaching


LeAnne Parsons, The Voice Of The Adoptee

LeAnne Parsons, The Voice Of The Adoptee

LeAnne loves to work with Ordinary People, who are not afraid to do Extra-Ordinary things! She believes that the "Sweet Life, is not a Toxic Life" She is an expert at helping others release the chains that hold them back from the life they were created to live!

 LeAnne Parsons, CPC, ELI-MP is a certified professional coach with a specialization in working with adoptees and their families! LeAnne’s heart is to help adoptees and their families who are weary from trying to answer the "Who am I" question all alone figure out why their lives at times feel unraveled, discover the missing threads in the tapestry of their lives, so that they are free to weave it back together and create a brand new family legacy of love for generations to come...

LeAnne is CEO at "The Adoptees Voice" Founder of 

The Tapestry of Adoption and VOTA (Voice of the Adoptee) 

She is "The Walk Your Talk Coach" at La Dolce Vita Coaching.

As a Coach, Radio Host, Speaker and Leader, LeAnne uses her gifts to encourage individuality, confidence, and the desire to live a life of freedom and impact. Her passion and her experiences are changing lives one conversation at a time!

LeAnne is also a Christian, a Cosmetologist, a Devoted Warrior Wife, a Mom of two amazing children and a blessed Mother-in-Love (Law), and a "New-Nester”! LeAnne also volunteers her time with the American Cancer Society as a “Look Good Feel Better” Facilitator, Bible Study facilitator, and truly has an Entrepreneur Spirit! She has been with Life Coach Radio Network since June 2013, and is so very grateful for the opportunity to give voice to the tough issues so many of us face.

A word from LeAnne to you:

I am a Life and Leadership Coach who is passionate for people! Helping others to embrace a life of confidence and wholeness is what makes my heart sing! I truly believe that when you know the notes to sing, you can indeed sing most anything!

As a reunited adoptee, and a child of the 60’s adopted via a closed domestic adoption I have faced the many challenges and victories that life as an adoptee can bring. I get it!

 LeAnne is also a Christian, a Cosmetologist, a Devoted Warrior Wife, a Mom of two amazing children and a blessed Mother-in-Love (Law), and a

 "New-Nester”! LeAnne also volunteers her time with the American Cancer Society as a “Look Good Feel Better” Facilitator.

"I am humbled by all of life that I have been able to live and experience.

I have enjoyed many victories, and experienced tremendous losses, hurts and pain. I struggled for years to let go of toxic thinking, realize my true identity, and let go of the fear and insecurities that held me back from truly living out my life as the woman I was created to be.  I had lost my voice, I had given it away, I believed my words, as well as my stories were not important.

My heart is for you. My heart is for those whose lives have been touched by the heart of Adoption. My journey through life has not been easy, nor has it been too much to embrace.  It has been full of possibilities to grow, change and become who I was destined to be.  My road, my journey, my path to truly heal, and to arrive at a place of complete Wholeness, has lead me into Coaching.  Through working with a coach myself, I have experienced personal growth, freedom, purpose, confidence, authenticity, a new awareness of vulnerability and unspeakable joy. I am here, here to serve you, to encourage you, to challenge you, to champion you to become more than you could ever have imagined you could be! "

I am a Midwest gal from Minnesota, a Colorado gal at heart who currently lives in Los Alamos, New Mexico with my husband of 28 years, Duane. We love the outdoors; enjoying each season life brings and we celebrate the gift of life together everyday!                                                                     

As I strive to Walk my Talk and be TRUE, I invite you to Walk Your Talk with me!  Standing shoulder to shoulder with you on this journey called life, is one of my greatest privileges! 

My story unfolds more everyday, Come Walk With Me!




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