Rod Beau

Rod Beau

For more than 30 years, Rod has been an internationally sought-after education and management consultant and keynote speaker. His practical, real-world business experience and career have been in educational leadership, relocation consulting and executive and leadership coaching. As a Senior Consultant and Master Executive Coach, Rod is also an Accredited ANLP Trainer - Rod specializes in Executive and Leadership Coaching.

In the past 30 years Rod has been to more than 134 different countries where he has had the opportunity to observe first hand as well as live and share multiple cultures, traditions and life styles.

Rod has given keynote addresses, facilitated executive-level - International, National and Regional work sessions, and coached individuals in organizations throughout the U.S., Albania, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Taiwan, China, Ethiopia, Peru, Macedonia and Kosovo. Additionally working with NGO's such as UNDP, USAID, and OIM/IOM.

Currently Rod provides bespoke coaching and motivational programs and activities for organizations large or small as well as individuals. From personal coaching to business coaching including preparation for working overseas and client satisfaction.

A dynamic, creative, polymath, and analytical team player with excellent organizational and managerial skills and more than 25 years in education, training and project management experience; 15 years flight experience as a pilot and instructor; eight years in newspaper production, design, and editing, combined with six years of experience as a photo journalist and over 18 years as a consultant. A proven performer with a rich track record of success and exceptional problem-solving and leadership abilities.



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I have been a client of Rod’s over the last few months and am extremely satisfied with his coaching expertise. He brings a depth of business development experience to his coaching and transferred that knowledge effortlessly to our working relationship. Rod is organized and thorough in working through options and actions in helping me develop my business from the ground up. I would highly recommend Rod and both a coach and business consultant.
— Pranvera Imeri, Office of the President of Macedonia
Rod used a combination of coaching and consulting which I found to be particularly useful for me. He has a warm and friendly approach which put me at ease and I felt totally comfortable throughout our session. He was very good at keeping me focused on my goal for the session and very supportive and encouraging for taking my action steps. It was a real pleasure working together!
— Thomas K Kripas, CEO at Feel the Change Group - The Top Executive Center for Business & Family/Child Consulting
Rod is a professional, inspiring and detailed coach with laudable experience. He is friendly, approachable and genuine with his clients. It is always a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him.
— Olutayo Arikawe, Managing Director, LT Coaching & Consulting Ltd (LTCC) - United Kingdom & Nigeria
I have not only reached my goals but exceeded all my expectations. Rod inspires you to succeed and empowers you along that journey.

Rod has always been a great motivator and inspiration not only to myself but also my family. Rod inspired me to return to University where I was really successful. In addition Rod worked with me every day for some weeks to boost my self esteem and change my introverted mindset to being more extrovert. After this, and attending university, I went to work overseas for 4 months in a major Turkish Resort Hotel, something I would never have done before.

Rod continues to inspire and motivate my brother and I and always is there when we need him.
— Rodrigo Perez, Mexico
Rod’s enthusiasm and experience in business and life makes him a great coach and mentor. I highly recommend him if you are looking to improve your performance.
— James Stokes, Co-Founder,