Connie Rogers, Owner of Bite Size Pieces

Creating beauty and balance pulled me into the world of cosmetology and esthetics in 1977. Now with 35 years of spa experience and ownership, I am still in love with teaching skin health.. I loved every minute of it, gaining most joy having beautiful satisfied clients.

In 2000 my sister was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I flew into NY to care for her. I showed her how to remove toxins in and around her home. I created new and easy recipes for her. It was my sister who suggested that I become a Health Coach. The balancing act came when I graduated in 2003 from IIN officially a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, and creating once again an array of beauty, balance and color in the kitchen of my family and clients. Some of the most serious health problems of our time, such as diabetes, obesity, leaky gut and hormonal disturbances, are endocrine and metabolic related. As a Health Coach, I specialize in these.

Health, be it physical, spiritual, financial or emotional is truly the threshold to creating our dreams. This is why I coach.

Being an active speaker in women's energy issues, opened another door with my clients. The year was 1990 when I bought my first book on healing energies. However it wasn't until 1995 that my curiosity brought me face to face with my Reiki Master and teacher. I am now a Reiki Master and teacher.

I am a Author of Bite Size Pieces a cookbook. "Bite Size Pieces" was created with the love of food and honoring health in mind. It is dedicated to my sister that passed away in 2010.

The year is 2011- Since I enjoy creating beautiful powerpoints for my workshops, I now offer them to other health professionals on my new webpage:


The year is 2013-I have been hired as a ghost writer and researcher for a well known magazine. Life is good.

2014-I have just wrote my first app on "weight loss for life", and my clients love it!

I am very passionate about each endeavor that I have taken in my life and many customers have told me they feel the love when we work together.

"Honestly, I love seeing the smiles and excitement, from clients who are not only repeat customers, but have become wonderful friends and cheerleaders as well!


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