Andrea Ruchelman, Founder of New Perspectives Communication


Andrea Ruchelman, New Perspectives Communication

Andrea Ruchelman, New Perspectives Communication

Andrea Ruchelman is a passionate, highly motivated, energetic corporate coach who focuses on enhancing culture for companies. She is the owner of New Perspectives Communication and assists companies seeking to transform their organizational culture from being reactive, where consistent urgent matter arise and frustration leads the workforce to a responsive culture where bosses become leaders who inspire, employee seek opportunities for growth and the result is increasing profits.

Andrea learned very early in her career that there are two ways people in management roles behave based on their attitude toward their title. There are those who have the attitude of “Just Do as I Say Because I’m the Boss,” and those who have the attitude of “I only Succeed When We All Succeed,” a true leader. After several years of working in the “Boss Attitude” environment she fell into a career that she loved developing ethical behavior training programs, which transformed such bosses into leaders who inspired their team.  Creating ethical cultures earned her industry recognition as being a forward thinker for focusing on employee attitudes towards their management and how to improve the perception or actual behaviors of the organization’s leadership team.

Andrea traveled all across the US and Canada providing motivational speaking and training programs. Her program Focusing on HOW You Say It has successfully help not only companies, but also individuals seeking to understand why those they communicate with, including themselves, don’t understand nor receive their message. She helps people understand the power of the words they choose, why the miscommunication exists and how to change their language for consistent success.

When Andrea decided to create her coaching practice, it was because she wanted to make a bigger impact in the world. She knows that when you lead with positive motivation and communicate with inspiration instead with threats and intimidation, the opportunities for success are endless.

Andrea has been a part of the Life Coach Radio Network since it’s inception and is the host of “Gaining Perspective”, which airs every second and fourth Thursday of each month at 12PM EST. Her show features any topic that can help her listeners gain a new perspective on and in their lives. She covers a broad range of topics because of the direct impact they have on how you show up in your life and in business. Andrea is also one of the Co-Creators and Executive Producers of the Life Coach TV Network, which is a collaboration of self-help and inspirational videos. 

One thing Andrea has learned about herself in life is that she likes to have FUN!  She believes the more you enjoy your life, especially how you choose to show up in every situation makes all the difference on how you will reflect on it later down the road. She’s a runner, snowboarder, golfer, and seeks to challenge herself for new experiences any chance she gets.

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