Russ Terry, CPC Founder/CEO, Life Coach Radio Networks

Russ Terry, CPC
Founder/CEO, Life Coach Radio Networks

Russ Terry is a long-time Human Resources professional who loved helping people so much that he made it his full-time job.   As a Life Coach, he works with clients to get them to figure out and go for whatever their dream is AND to live a robust, well-balanced life.  He asks probing questions to assist people in building their plan to achieve their goals.  He inspires, motivates, boosts confidence and tackles fears – turning hesitation into action.  Russ also gets tactical, making sure that his clients have realistic, achievable to-do items as a result of every session.  Finally, he holds people accountable, showing a little ‘tough love’ if they don’t do what they say agreed to, and he ensures that they celebrate their successes for whenever they hit a big (or even medium-sized) milestone on their path to their overall goal.

Russ has had 4 distinct careers – Certified Public Accountant, Sports Anchor & Reporter at a TV station, Human Resources Senior Management and Life Coach.  He’s been able to successfully navigate from one seemingly-unlike career to the next.  He builds on his own experience to help clients figure out their next steps. 



PHONE: 646-460-0475

People seeking a successful life figured out a long time ago that they need to fill their corner with guides, mentors, and coaches. Russ Terry has the unique ability to guide you in a direction that dramatically improves multiple areas of your life. If you wake up one day and ask, “Wow, how do I accomplish so much?” Do not be alarmed. Those who have worked with Russ have experienced that type of staggering change.
— Greg Pilla, NJ