Shannon E. Sennefelder, CPC, CRC, President of White Swans Consulting

Shannon E. Sennefelder, CPC, CRC

Shannon E. Sennefelder, CPC, CRC

Shannon is a Certified Performance Coach and Certified Relationship Coach, she serves as President of White Swans Consulting. Shannon is an outstanding facilitator recognized for her energetic style and crystal clear communication. As a Results Coach, she challenges individuals and organizations to look beyond the obvious and identify barriers as well as possibilities to achieve success. Shannon is a champion for creating powerful experiences that elicit a call to inspired action for her clients.

Shannon is the co-founder of Foundational Leadership Institute, facilitating highly experiential training’s to college students focusing on Emotional Intelligence. In fall, 2013 White Swans Consulting began collaboration with Essence of Life Retreats, An international travel experience company that creates unique travel opportunities for conscious travels to amazing destinations along with an opportunity to grow and further expand their consciousness.

Whether we are sailing the Nile, diving the Red Sea, climbing Machu Picchu, exploring the Taj Mahal, gaining the wisdom of the great oracle of Delphi or spending the evening under a starry sky on the dunes of the Sahara desert; Essence of Life Retreats  follows in the footsteps of Learning Through Travel and offers the same great travel experiences with the same great qualified and personable team who make it a priority to provide awe-inspiring programs to the world’s most exotic and interesting places. Essence of Life Retreats offers the best of both worlds of travel — we provide travelers a chance to experience something personally profound as well as a first class vacation!

WSC Results
Shannon’s primary focus is results-based facilitation and coaching.  She creates a safe environment with each client to ensure openness, vulnerability as well as a willingness to work through difficult challenges.  Each client creates a tangible action plan to create desired results personally or professionally. Upon completion, clients have improved their communication skills, are clear about their role in relationships and have identified their core values which provide an enduring foundation for moving forward with confidence.

WSC Mission
Shannon and WSC are committed to creating engaging enriching and authentic relationships with like-minded people who are willing to create extraordinary lives.  WSC fully embraces the philosophy that we as humans have been given a great responsibility.  WSC promotes a foundation of “PAY IT FORWARD” reaching out to others purposefully and intentionally creates a lasting ripple effect.

Personal Passion
Shannon has survived tragic events in her life and engages adult women and men who may also be experiencing personal tragedy to really take on their lives passionately, powerfully and with a foundation of faith. She welcomes opportunities to be a keynote speaker where there is an opportunity to inspire other women to take action in their lives. Shannon is passionate about serving her community by coaching women and men who are ready to begin healing after crisis.

Personal message from Shannon with Love and a Reality Check!

To anyone who is ready to live fully, embrace your future and have lots of fun along the way…

We have ALL experienced moments of feeling totally alive, yet much of our days are spent on auto-pilot, hoping for “someday…. when my children are grown, when I have more money, when I get more settled, when I have some free time, when I get a new job/relationship/promotion.” How many more days are you willing to waste waiting for “someday” to arrive?  

We all have past stories, events and experiences that we ALLOW to define our present and our future! Unless we grab hold of what is REAL, TRUTHFUL and RELEASE all of the negative, self-limiting stories of our past, we will continue to exist on autopilot, until the end of our days….

What are you really afraid of? Being rejected? Failing at something you believe in? Not being “enough?”

Here is what I know, without an ounce of doubt: You will fail! You will experience self-doubt. You will feel afraid.

What I also know and believe with every breath: If you risk, expand your beliefs and work through your “stuff” you will live fully, embrace the beautiful, amazing and worthy human being that is YOU!

(And you might have some fun along the way…) Answer this:  What if I go through my whole life without really living?

My team and I are ready and willing to support you in all things messy! One of the misconceptions of working through our past experiences is that it must be a lengthy and extremely painful process. In reality, it can be painful; it can be lengthy if that’s where you want to camp out. Or, it can be a necessary step in the process of healing.

Which path do you choose for YOU?

If you dare to JUMP IN, join team WSC at our next big adventure in Sarasota Fla. Or Baltimore Md.

If you’re like me and its either now or never, reach out to me. Let’s talk about what your hopes and dreams are…

My truth: I am no better than anyone who has lived through, is living through or has survived a messy past. I’m just a little further down the road, willing to stay the course with you until you’re ready to stand on your own again.

Be well my friend.

Love and Blessings,




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