Russ Terry, Founder of Life Coach Radio Networks

Russ Terry

Russ Terry

Congratulations to Life Coach Radio Networks’ Founder Russ Terry for being this week’s Coach of the Week.  What better way to start off 2014 than by recognizing the person who made all of this possible? 

Russ is always at the forefront of the coaching community, aggressively promoting the networks to get others to join.  4 new hosts have come on board in January and more are in the queue for February and March.  To date, more than 50 coaches have graced the airwaves.

When he isn’t building his media empire, Russ is also busy putting pen to paper.  He’s finalizing the edits on his first book.  Inspired by a guest he had on his radio show, it’s called My Gratitude Journal:  365 days of the people, things & experiences I’m grateful for and the lessons you can learn from them.  The book is scheduled to be released in March.

As for his Coaching, Russ is in a stretch of giving five workshops and/or online webinars in five weeks, including one this past weekend on “New Year’s Russ-olutions”.  He helped the attendees get rid of old resolutions and create detailed plans to accomplish what they want in their area(s) of focus. 

Finally, he has developed an interactive tool that allows his clients to assess themselves in 15 different parts of life, and instantly see the results in a “red/yellow/green” format.

For more on Russ, go to his website –  You can also email him at


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