Hello!  I'm Tiffany, The Miracles Coach.  I am a Miracle Mindset Coach and your go-to-girl for all things MIRACLES!  I inspire and empower women to get unstuck, own their worth, and create a life they are excited to wake up to, instead of one filled with frustration, lack and overwhelm.  I specialize in helping women create a #MiraclesLifestyle where they don't just wait for miracles to happen but make miracles happen....and not just occasionally, but EVERYDAY! 

I began creating miracles in my own life a few years ago when I was coming out of a deep depression that I wasn't even aware I was going through.  Since that time, I have overcome not only depression but low self-esteem and even poverty.  I have created the life I used to dream about, and I am passionate about showing other women how they can do the same.  I have manifested money, cars, my dream home, a successful coaching business, and more! I have even helped others manifest money out of thin air, create their dream jobs, and even start businesses, and that was before I even had my first paying client. But I don't consider myself a money manifestation coach because my work goes much deeper than material things.  The financial abundance that often comes as a result of hard work and dedication to personal growth is really just the icing on the cake.

I am a catalyst for change.  I facilitate transformation and focus strongly in the areas of self-discovery, self-development, and self-love because I believe that it is not until we truly know, love, and accept who we are that we can give true love and acceptance to others.  I support my clients as they learn to fall head over heels in love with themselves, create more heart-centered relationships, find purpose through their pain, and overcome life's challenges so they can move forward in a healthy, positive, and confident way.

WEB: www.themiraclescoach.com

EMAIL: themiraclescoach@gmail.com