Tim Billiter

Tim Billiter

Tim Billiter is a New York City area based Certified Life/Life Purpose Coach on a mission to remind others of who they truly are at the core of their being and then facilitate the creation of a life based on that truth. His goal is to assist people in developing thought processes and practical skills to move through life with much more ease and grace.

Tim helps clients realize that who they really are is far greater than they understand themselves to be; that they are never really alone, nor disconnected from their source. And because of this, they possess far more power than they’ve likely ever been taught or imagined they have.

He works with his clients to tap into that inner knowledge and to develop their full potential to build the life that they desire.

Tim Billiter was selected as Coach of the Week on 8/25/13.  CLICK HERE for the article.

WEB: http://diyforyoursoul.com

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PHONE: (646) 543-8604