Tracy K. Pierce

Tracy K. Pierce

Tracy K. Pierce is a Holistic Organizer, Clutter Coach, and Holistic Wellness Practitioner based in Iowa City, IA. She is the owner of Synergy Organizing and Synergy Wellness. It is her passion to help her clients reclaim space for what matters most. Tracy works onsite with clients in North America and virtually via Skype with clients around the world using her unique skill set to propel her clients towards the realization of their ideal lives.

In 2008, it became clear to Tracy that she was better suited to running her own business. Every single one of her jobs has in some way influenced her to become a Clutter Coach. Filing paperwork at her parents’ small business, working with the Senior Chore Program, and nine years of fleet vehicle dispatch, operation, and management -  she really has been organizing things in one way, shape or form her whole life, it’s only the type of things that she’s been organizing that has changed!

Tracy loves helping people declutter and get organized in both the mental and physical realms. Clearing out the clutter isn’t just about opening up your physical space, it frees your mind, it can free your heart – it very well may make a positive impact on every other area of your life! Tracy contributes as a monthly co-host on Life Coach Chat Channel and has a solo show the 2nd Friday of every month at 11 AM/EST on International Life Coach Radio Network.

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