Trina is a professionally trained life coach, specializing in personal transformation and career transition. With 20 years of experience in business and management, Trina's is a "people person" and a change agent. Trina was trained by iPEC Coaching, where she learned the entire spectrum of coaching including careers, personal goal setting, relationships, spiritual, health and finances.

Trina started her business, Perspectives Plus Coaching in 2009. She had spent 15 years as a nonprofit fundraiser for great organizations including Common Cause, League of Women Voters, and Habitat for Humanity. Trina has prior small business experience. Always up for a challenge, she left a lucrative position at IBM early in her career to start an interior decorating business, and also helped her ex-husband with his business. 

 A divorced mom of two, Trina’s life is full and she loves it! She says, “I learned to tune into what’s important to me in managing my career, navigating the job market using my own inner compass. I transitioned from corporate to entrepreneurship, to nonprofit fundraising, to coaching. Life is too short to wonder ‘what if’!  I bring the same approach to my clients – supporting them in making empowered choices about their lives and careers. Since I have experienced my own "redesign" leading to this new chapter in my life - I am very qualified to lead others through similar transitions.”



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In September of 2010, I was at a crossroads with my career, education and personal goals. I was extremely frustrated and felt lost. I began working with Trina in search of my purpose in life. Through several months of weekly chats and homework assignments, I was able to find my place. Trina helped me to realize that I was where I was supposed to be at the moment. I now have goals to achieve and a better outlook on my personal and professional plans of action. I have always been the strong one everyone leans on and keep my personal problems to myself. Working with Trina was a different experience, she makes you feel very comfortable in each session and she is very accommodating to your needs. Trina listened to my problems and gave me guidance to find the answers I was looking for. I would definitely recommend Perspectives Plus for anyone needing help with personal and professional goals to live a better and healthier life.
— N. White
Trina has a warm and welcoming spirit, which made it easy to open up and speak freely about my situation. I was impressed at the time she took to LISTEN before offering suggestions and ideas on how I should tackle my issues. Trina was amazing at counseling, providing direction and devising a strategic plan, which challenged me to put things in prospective and move forward. She’s transparent, gifted, and an absolute joy to work with.
— C. Jones
When I met Trina Ramsey, I was drawn to her positive uplifting way of interacting. Trina is a skilled diagnostician, employing active listening skills, a deep knowledge base, appropriate assessment tools and exercises, insight, and humor to help me make a plan, own it, and stick to it. She is a benevolent taskmaster.
— S. Becton