Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

Veronica Taylor, CPC, Leadership Coach

It's Great to Meet You!

My name is Veronica Taylor and I’m the proud founder of Life Leaders Coaching. My mission is to bring fun, passion, and engagement between an executive and their administrative staff (both individually and as a team), so they can have an exceptional, profound, and effective partnership.  The program is designed to bring new perspective to their working relationship by providing coaching, training, and education to both professionals so they can work together, better!  

As a former administrative professional with over 17 years of corporate experience, I've had my share of ups and downs in my career, as we all do! Like a lot of administrative professionals, I've worked with executives who under utilized my skills and frankly had no idea of my full potential. I was often invisible or unnoticed until disaster hit and I was called in to "save the day." Those jobs left me deflated, physically and emotionally drained and often confused as to what my real contribution was overall.  

At the same time, I've had the privilege to work with executives that were true leaders, motivators, and visionaries. People who believed in their own cause have empowered me to do the same.  That is when I saw myself flourish within my career and beyond.  Only then, is when I finally felt Passion for what I did.  The difference between those experiences was that I was truly seen, noticed, and included well beyond the day-to-day tasks. Although these tasks were important, they didn't make me come alive. I wanted to grow, shine, participate and contribute towards the success and future of the company.

Today, I'm a successful coach running my own business, I am a community leader for Powerful You! Women's Network for the San Francisco chapter. I'm a radio show host at Life Coach Radio Networks where I discuss various topics from leadership to resilience. I'm also a devoted wife,  a loving mother of a beautiful little girl, and a life-long learner. 

How Am I Different, You Ask?

PASSION. I am absolutely PASSIONATE about the field of administration.  I truly believe administrative professionals are fundamental to the success of any business regardless of the industry, culture or size.  As you search the internet you've found a handful of other “admin training” programs. However, most trainings are solely concentrated on developing a few skill-sets (e.g. great communication skills, being proactive, professional etc).  And most often they leave out a crucial component: the relationship between the admin and their executive. In addition, most trainings are about transferring concepts, theories, models, and ideas.  The entire focus and responsibility of change is left to the admin when there are two people involved. In addition, the focus is left-brained developing the person only from the neck up. I on the other hand believe that lasting growth and potential requires focus on the entire person: Mind, Heart, and Body.  

I have had the great pleasure to work with Veronica as my coach since October 2012. In all of our 12 sessions she never ceases to amaze me with her skills and talents. Her friendly, compassionate and caring ways are consistent throughout our interactions The plans we put together are spot on and her gentle reminders to reward myself at the end of a task help me to push through. I highly recommend Veronica as a Leadership and Life Coach!
— Barb Campbell, WA