Our leader is truly the most passionate, compassionate, contagious, inspiring and fun “overseer” I’ve ever known. That in and of itself for me was reason enough for me to jump on board and keep rowing with this crew of exceptional life coaches he’s brought together.
— Danica E. Trebel, Host

After you’ve read the info below, including the nominal costs to be involved, if you’re interested in becoming a Host, email us at to discuss next steps.

Join an amazing team of people that is helping to make the world a better place and helping each other with incredible ideas and promotion/collaboration opportunities for our coaching businesses!   Coaches from a multitude of countries have appeared on our airwaves and we’d love to have you too.  People keep being drawn to this concept/project/way of changing the world.  TV Anchor turned Life Coach Russ Terry founded the Life Coach Radio Networks in the Spring of 2013 as a way of helping other Coaches enhance their brand – and to help the world live a more optimal life in a number of different ways.  In a little more than a year, more than 60 Coaches have been Hosts on one or more of our 3 networks -  Life Coach Radio Network, International Life Coach Radio and The Life Coach Chat Channel.  We have up to 3 shows per day and you could appear on any and all of the networks based on your schedule, the type of show you’re interested in, etc.

We define Life Coach in an open and inclusive way and we’re interested in everyone who helps people: Life Coach, Health Coach, Executive Coach, Career Coach, etc.  If in doubt about whether or not you fit, just ask us.

This is for you if you are:

  • Responsive/on top of your emails
  • Well-organized
  • Computer literate and Social media savvy
  • Dependable
  • Confident
  • Someone who loves having good, intelligent conversations
  • Able to spend 1-2 hours a week on this
  • Good at sharing your insights in a concise manner
  • Agile at responding to changes; there’s a lot going on (3 networks, 60-70 shows a month, 50+ hosts); those who are rigid, not flexible, etc. cause additional stress on all of us
  • Prompt at paying
  • A great coach
  • Positive attitude
  • Able to talk about what you do without making it seem like you’re selling your services. We don’t want the shows to be infomercials but instead great discussions that can help PEOPLE not necessarily clients. If people are drawn to you, they’ll become clients.
  • Self-sufficient, a quick-learner and independent

This may not be for you if:

  • You already have a ton of things going on and would have to “fit this in”
  • The things on the above list are not your strengths; we want to be inclusive, but on the other hand, we want to operate efficiently, effectively, successfully and stress-free. This is our vision for how to do so.

The options are as follows:

  1. Be a solo host of 2 shows per month. You would pick a consistent day and time that works for you & fits in our network’s schedule (ie 2nd and 4th Tuesday night, 1st and 3rd Saturday morning, etc.). 
  2. Be an equal co-host with someone you already know well. You’d be on 2 times a month, the same format as above (every 1st and 3rd or 2nd and 4th of the month at a certain day and time).
  3. Be 1 of 3 panelists on Life Coach Chat (LCC); you’d appear 2-3 times a month.  Think of it as The View but without the celebrity gossip – just a great discussion “of the day” between 3 Coaches.  This also includes our forthcoming show Health Coach Chat (HCC), debuting soon!
  4. Have a combination of 1 solo show and 1-2 LCC/HCC appearances a month.  This will allow you to test both out and then, if you want, move to just one or the other if & when you’re ready.

Signing up as a host means the following:

  • Getting trained by Founder Russ Terry on how to launch your radio show, how to set up a show on Blog Talk Radio (BTR), how to operate a LIVE show and various social media promotion efforts
  • Email, text and phone access to the Founder for additional questions
  • Comprehensive additional online trainings offered on the BTR website
  • Archived versions of your show available 20 minutes after it airs – online and on iTunes
  • Chat room to talk with listeners while you’re on the air
  • Ability to host a show from anywhere – as long as you have a phone, a quiet spot and internet access; that said, doing it from a land line is ideal (but again, not necessary as long as you have good service).
  • Free metrics for your show (# of Live listeners, # of archived listeners, # who listened on their computer vs. a mobile device, etc.)
  • Free downloadable podcasts of your show; people can listen on their iPhone on the go!
  • Build a deeper relationship with your clients. For instance, if you have a certain topic or guest for a particular show, you can say “I think you’ll love the topic of my next show” and then they listen and it really resonates with them. They become SO appreciative of you helping them this way for free in between sessions.
  • Be a part of an amazing group of coaches that wants to help each other via promotion, knowledge sharing, etc.
  • A lot of eyes and ears will see you; we have more than 2,000 Likes & Followers between Facebook, Twitter and Blog Talk Radio itself.  Also, the way the BTR algorithm works, our 3 networks are all cross-promoted on each other.  So if someone is listening to a show on Life Coach Radio Network on their computer, on the show page, they’ll see ads for a show on International Life Coach Radio and the Life Coach Chat Channel.
  • That's a lot for just $30 a month right? [This is $9 cheaper than what it costs to have your own Blog Talk Radio show during prime time evening hours.  To minimize bookkeeping, you pay quarterly in advance (i.e. before getting started).  If at any point you decide not to continue, a refund will be given for future months if enough notice is given to fill your slots.]  There’s also a $40 fee for the training, which runs for up to 90 minutes and may include 1-3 other new Hosts. 

As a host, you’re expected to be politely aggressive in promoting your show/appearance/archived version of it via:

  • Facebook event invite
  • Evite
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Word of mouth
  • Email signature
I’m so proud and honoured to be part of such an incredibly passionate group of people dedicated to inspiring the masses as well as working with a leader on a mission to make the world a better place and who sincerely cares about the well-being of those he works with. Gratitude Galore!
— Line Brunet, Host

Be creative!  Think of ideas for how to make this even better.  We certainly don’t have all the answers and would love for this to be a collaborative effort.

Get ready for something big; who knows what this will lead to; huge exposure for us?  Weekend retreats? Seminars? The sky is the limit!!  Get ready to share our wisdom (and our empowering questions) with the world!! 

As you can see, there’s also a website our coaches are on.  The cost for that is $30 to get you set up on it and $30 a quarter (so $10.00 a month) for maintenance, updates, etc.  Think of it like a TV news station’s website – pictures and bios of the hosts, links to our social media platforms, blog posts, twitter feed, etc.   Here on we have links to all of our stations and you can also peruse the content to see what's interesting to listen to and the types of shows we offer; you can read about all of your future colleagues too!

Once you confirm you’re interested (via the email address at the top of the page), we’ll schedule a call with you to answer any questions you have and discuss next steps.  After we speak to you, we’ll finalize what your cost to be involved is, and then once you’re good with that and pay it, we can get you trained and your debut scheduled!

The most beneficial thing about being on LCRN is that I get to connect with like minded people and help inspire others to live really great lives. I am able to show up as an expert and help people make changes that they might not have the courage to make on their own. I get to model what it is like to have struggles and show how I have overcome them to get to where I am and to also get to where I am wanting to go.
— Kim Ravida, Host

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